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    • Click Chemistry for Drug Delivery Nanosystems 

      Lallana, Enrique; Sousa Hervés, Ana; Fernández Trillo, Francisco (Springer, 2012)
      The purpose of this Expert Review is to discuss the impact of click chemistry in nanosized drug delivery systems. Since the introduction of the click concept by Sharpless and coworkers in 2001, numerous examples of click ...
    • Click Chemistry with Polymers, Dendrimers, and Hydrogels for Drug Delivery 

      Lallana, Enrique; Fernández Trillo, Francisco; Sousa Hervés, Ana; Riguera Vega, Ricardo; Fernández Megía, Eduardo (Springer, 2012)
      During the last decades, great efforts have been devoted to design polymers for reducing the toxicity, increasing the absorption, and improving the release profile of drugs. Advantage has been also taken from the inherent ...

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