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    • Intracellular deprotection reactions mediated by palladium complexes equipped with designed phosphine ligands 

      Martínez Calvo, Miguel; Rodríguez Couceiro, José; Destito, Paolo; Rodríguez Villar, Jéssica; Mosquera Mosquera, Jesús; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis (American Chemical Society, 2018-06-01)
      Discrete palladium(II) complexes featuring purposely designed phosphine ligands can promote depropargylation and deallylation reactions in cell lysates. These complexes perform better than other palladium sources, which ...
    • Organometallic catalysis in biological media and living settings 

      Martínez Calvo, Miguel; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis (Elsevier, 2018-01-29)
      Organometallic catalysis has allowed the development of an impressive number of chemical transformations that could not be achieved using classical methodologies. Most of these reactions have been accomplished in organic ...
    • Reversible Control of Protein Corona Formation on Gold Nanoparticles Using Host–Guest Interactions 

      Mosquera Mosquera, Jesús; García, Isabel; Henriksen-Lacey, Malou; Martínez Calvo, Miguel; Dhanjani, Mónica; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis; Liz-Marzán, Luis M. (ACS Publications, 2020)
      When nanoparticles (NPs) are exposed to biological media, proteins are adsorbed, forming a so-called protein corona (PC). This cloud of protein aggregates hampers the targeting and transport capabilities of the NPs, thereby ...
    • Supramolecular caging for cytosolic delivery of anionic probes 

      Fernández Caro, Héctor; Lostalé Seijo, Irene; Martínez Calvo, Miguel; Mosquera Mosquera, Jesús; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis; Montenegro García, Javier (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2019)
      The cytosolic delivery of hydrophilic, anionic molecular probes and therapeutics is a major challenge in chemical biology and medicine. Herein, we describe the design and synthesis of peptide–cage hybrids that allow an ...
    • Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Detection of Nucleic Acids Exhibiting Sterically Accessible Guanines Using Ruthenium-Polypyridyl Reagents 

      Martínez Calvo, Miguel; Guerrini, Luca; Rodríguez Villar, Jéssica; Álvarez Puebla, Ramón A.; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis (American Chemical Society, 2020)
      Here, we report the application of surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy as a rapid and practical tool for assessing the formation of coordinative adducts between nucleic acid guanines and ruthenium polypyridyl ...
    • Transition metal catalysis in the mitochondria of living cells 

      Tomás Gamasa, María; Martínez Calvo, Miguel; Rodríguez Couceiro, José; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-09-07)
      The development of transition metal catalysts capable of promoting non-natural transformations within living cells can open significant new avenues in chemical and cell biology. Unfortunately, the complexity of the cell ...
    • Transition Metal-mediated Reactions in Biological Media 

      Martínez Calvo, Miguel; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis (Swiss Chemical Society, 2018)
      Transition-metal catalysis has changed the way in which chemical reactions can be accomplished. While most metal-catalyzed reactions have been achieved in organic solvents, recent work has demonstrated that many of these ...

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