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    • Where in the cell is our cargo? Current methods to study intracellular cytosolic localization 

      Méndez Ardoy, Alejandro; Lostalé Seijo, Irene; Montenegro García, Javier (2018-09-03)
      The internalization and delivery of active substances into cells is a field of growing interest for chemical biology and therapeutics. As we move from small‐molecule based drugs towards bigger cargos, such as antibodies, ...
    • X‐Ray Crystallography and Free Energy Calculations Reveal the Binding Mechanism of A2A Adenosine Receptor Antagonists 

      Jespers, Willem; Verdon, Grégory; Azuaje Guerrero, Jhonny Alberto; Majellaro, María; Keränen, Henrik; García Mera, Xerardo Xusto; Congreve, Miles; Deflorian, Francesca; De Graaf, Chris; Zhukov, Andrei; Doré, Andrew S.; Mason, Jonathan S.; Åqvist, Johan; Cooke, Robert M.; Sotelo Pérez, Eddy; Gutiérrez de Terán, Hugo (Wiley, 2020)
      We present a robust protocol based on iterations of free energy perturbation (FEP) calculations, chemical synthesis, biophysical mapping and X‐ray crystallography to reveal the binding mode of an antagonist series to the ...

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