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    • 10,000 years of climate control over carbon accumulation in an Iberian bog (southwestern Europe) 

      Pontevedra Pombal, Francisco Xabier; Castro Fernández, Daniel; Souto Souto, Martín; Fraga Vila, María Isabel; Blake, William H.; Blaauw, Maarten; López Sáez, José Antonio; Pérez Díaz, Sebastián; Valcárcel Díaz, Marcos Carmelo; García-Rodeja Gayoso, Eduardo (Elsevier, 2019)
      The northwest region of the Iberian Peninsula is home to a unique ecosystem of bogs, which are particularly sensitive to projected climate change. In this context, the rate of carbon (C) accumulation in Chao de Veiga Mol, ...
    • Characterisation of Holocene plant macrofossils from North Spanish ombrotrophic mires: vascular plants 

      Souto, M.; Castro, Daniel; Pontevedra Pombal, Francisco Xabier; García-Rodeja, E.; Fraga, M.I. (International Mire Conservation GroupInternational Peatland Society, 2016)
      Methods and criteria that were used to identify plant macrofossils from four ombrotrophic mires in northern Spain are presented. Twelve monocotyledon and ten dicotyledon species were recorded. Some were identified from ...
    • Iberian acid peatlands: types, origin and general trends of development 

      Pontevedra Pombal, Francisco Xabier; Castro Fernández, Daniel; Carballeira Coego, Amable Rafael; Souto Souto, Martín; López Sáez, José Antonio; Pérez Díaz, Sebastián; Fraga Vila, María Isabel; Valcárcel Díaz, Marcos; García-Rodeja Gayoso, Eduardo (International Mire Conservation Group and International Peat Society, 2017)
      In the present study we reviewed the genesis, development and classification of peatlands in the Iberian Peninsula by conducting chronostratigraphic analysis of 108 of these ecosystems. The findings are summarised as ...
    • The Use of Plant Macrofossils for Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions in Southern European Peatlands 

      Souto Souto, Martín; Castro Fernández, Daniel; García-Rodeja Gayoso, Eduardo; Pontevedra Pombal, Francisco Xabier (MDPI, 2019)
      The analysis of plant macrofossils in peatland ecosystems has been widely used for the climatic and ecological reconstruction of the Holocene in the high latitudes of the northern hemisphere. By contrast, perhaps associated ...

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