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dc.contributor.authorRiesco Muñoz, Guillermo
dc.contributor.authorDíaz-Maroto Hidalgo, Ignacio
dc.identifier.citationRiesco Muñoz, G. & Díaz-Maroto Hidalgo, Ignacio (2004). Variation with age of height-diameter models in Pinus radiata D. Don in Galicia. In: International IUFRO 4.04.06. Meeting: The economics and management of high productivity plantations. Lugo
dc.description.abstractOne way to define the structure of the stand is the achievement of models that link diameter and height (as individual variables). In even-aged stands these models depend on the age of the trees. So, the values of the parameters fitted in the models must be modified as time goes on. A common method to know the evolution of the parameters in high productivity species is the measurement of the variables (diameter and height) every five years. In this work, 15 linear functions with two and three parameters are tested to be used as height–diameter curves. The annual evolution of the parameters of the height-diameter model showing the best shape and accuracy is analysed in two artificial stands of Pinus radiata in Lugo (Spain). There is not a remarkable variation of the parameters with the age of the stand in the considered range of ages.
dc.publisherUniversidad de Santiago de Compostela
dc.subjectHeight curve
dc.subjectStand structure
dc.subject.classificationMaterias::Investigación::31 Ciencias agrarias::3106 Ciencia forestal
dc.titleVariation with age of height-diameter models in Pinus radiata D. Don in Galicia
dc.contributor.affiliationUniversidade de Santiago de Compostela. Departamento de Enxeñaría Agroforestal

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