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  • Domination, masculine sexuality and prostitution in Spain: why do Spanish men consume paid sex? 

    Gómez Suárez, Agueda; Pérez Freire, Silvia; Verdugo Matés, Rosa Maria (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, 2016-05-01)
    This paper focuses on the study of clients of prostitution in Spain in order to understand why these men pay for sex. We analyzed the narratives of clients of prostitution through in-depth semidirected interviews, group ...
  • Multispecies Fisheries in the Lower Amazon River and Its Relationship with the Regional and Global Climate Variability 

    Díaz Pinaya, Walter Hugo; Lobon Cervia, Francisco Javier; Pita, Pablo; Souza, Ronald; Freire, Juan; Isaac, Victoria Judith (PLOS, 2016-06-17)
    This paper aims to describe the spatial-temporal variability in catch of the main fishery resources of the Amazon River and floodplain lakes of the Lower Amazon, as well as relating the Catch per Unit of Effort with anomalies ...
  • The Wealth Effect in the Eurozone 

    Rodil Marzábal, Óscar; Menezes Ferreira Junior, Vicente (Economists' Association of Vojvodina, 2016)
    The recent global financial crisis represents a serious threat to the growth of economies. This crisis deeply affects the real economy through a phenomenon known as the wealth effect, which assumes that a fall in ...

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