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  • Ultraviolet – visible - near infrared spectroscopy for rapid determination of volatile compounds in white grapes during ripening 

    Ripoll, Gabriel; Vázquez Vázquez, Manuel (Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária e Veterinária, I.P.Ex-Estação Vitivinícola Nacional, 2017)
    Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is increasingly used in food analysis due to its speed and ease of use. Ultraviolet-visible (UV-VIS) spectroscopy is commonly used in any laboratory worldwide. The objective of this work ...
  • Cortical blindness secondary to posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome, recovered by successful blood pressure management 

    Abalo Lojo, José Manuel; Baleato-González, Sandra; González García, Francisco (Conselho Brasileiro de Oftalmologia, 2017-10)
    We report a case of cortical blindness secondary to posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome, which was successfully treated by blood pressure management. A 66-year-old white man presented at the emergency room complaining ...
  • The CD14 (−159 C/T) SNP is associated with sCD14 levels and allergic asthma, but not with CD14 expression on monocytes 

    Nieto-Fontarigo, Juan José; Salgado, Francisco J.; San-José, M. E.; Cruz, M. J.; Casas-Fernández, A.; Gómez-Conde, M. J.; Valdés-Cuadrado, L.; García-González, M. Á.; Arias, P.; Nogueira, M.; González-Barcala, Francisco-Javier (Springer Nature, 2018-03-07)
    LPS-ligation to CD14/TLR-4 on monocytes/macrophages triggers the production of IL-12-family cytokines. IL12/18 promote TH1-differentiation, counteracting the TH2-driven asthma. Therefore, CD14 modulation could alter the ...
  • Binge drinking trajectory and neuropsychological functioning among university students: A longitudinal study 

    Mota Miranda, Nayara Graciella; Parada Iglesias, María; Crego Barreiro, Manuel Alberto; Doallo Pesado, Sonia; Caamaño Isorna, Francisco; Rodríguez Holguín, Socorro; Cadaveira, Fernando; Corral Varela, Montserrat (Elsevier, 2013-11-01)
    Background Adolescence is a time of considerable neurodevelopment. Binge drinking (BD) during this period increases the vulnerability to its neurotoxic effects. This longitudinal study aimed to investigate the relationship ...
  • Heavy drinking and alcohol-related injuries in college students 

    Moure Rodríguez, Lucía; Caamaño Isorna, Francisco; Doallo Pesado, Sonia; Juan-Salvadores, Pablo; Corral Varela, Montserrat; Rodríguez Holguín, Socorro; Cadaveira, Fernando (Elsevier España, S.L.U.Sociedad Española de Salud Pública y Administración Sanitaria (SESPAS), 2014)
    Objective: The main objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of heavy drinking on alcohol-related injuries. Material and methods: We carried out an open cohort study among university students in Spain (n = 1,382). ...

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