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  • Spatio-Temporal Dynamic of Malaria Incidence: A Comparison of Two Ecological Zones in Mali 

    Ateba, François Freddy; Sagara, Issaka; Sogoba, Nafomon; Touré, Mahamoudou; Konaté, Drissa; Diawara, Sory Ibrahim; Diakité, Séidina Aboubacar Samba; Diarra, Ayouba; Coulibaly, Mamadou D.; Dolo, Mathias; Dolo, Amagana; Sacko, Aissata; Thiam, Sidibe M’baye; Sissako, Aliou; Sangaré, Lansana; Diakité, Mahamadou; Koita, Ousmane A.; Cissoko, Mady; Traore, Sékou Fantamady; Winch, Peter J.; Febrero Bande, Manuel; Shaffer, Jeffrey G.; Krogtad, Donald J.; Marker, Hannah Catherine; Doumbia, Seydou; Gaudart, Jean (MDPI, 2020)
    Malaria transmission largely depends on environmental, climatic, and hydrological conditions. In Mali, malaria epidemiological patterns are nested within three ecological zones. This study aimed at assessing the relationship ...
  • Predicting Malaria Transmission Dynamics in Dangassa, Mali: A Novel Approach Using Functional Generalized Additive Models 

    Ateba, François Freddy; Febrero Bande, Manuel; Sagara, Issaka; Sogoba, Nafomon; Touré, Mahamoudou; Sanogo, Daouda; Diarra, Ayouba; Ngitah, Andoh Magdalene; Winch, Peter J.; Shaffer, Jeffrey G.; Krogstad, Donald J.; Marker, Hannah C.; Gaudart, Jean; Doumbia, Seydou (MDPI, 2020)
    Mali aims to reach the pre-elimination stage of malaria by the next decade. This study used functional regression models to predict the incidence of malaria as a function of past meteorological patterns to better prevent ...
  • Interior Regularity Estimates for a Degenerate Elliptic Equation with Mixed Boundary Conditions 

    Djida, Jean Daniel; Fernández, Arran (MDPI, 2018)
    The Marchaud fractional derivative can be obtained as a Dirichlet-to–Neumann map via an extension problem to the upper half space. In this paper we prove interior Schauder regularity estimates for a degenerate elliptic ...
  • Initial Value Problem For Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equations With ψ-Caputo Derivative Via Monotone Iterative Technique 

    Derbazi, Choukri; Baitiche, Zidane; Benchohra, Mouffak; Cabada Fernández, Alberto (MDPI, 2020)
    In this article, we discuss the existence and uniqueness of extremal solutions for nonlinear initial value problems of fractional differential equations involving the ψ -Caputo derivative. Moreover, some uniqueness results ...
  • Implicit Fractional Differential Equations via the Liouville–Caputo Derivative 

    Nieto Roig, Juan José; Ouahab, Abdelghani; Venktesh, Venktesh (MDPI, 2015)
    We study an initial value problem for an implicit fractional differential equation with the Liouville–Caputo fractional derivative. By using fixed point theory and an approximation method, we obtain some existence and ...

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