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  • Heat Wave–Associated Vibriosis, Sweden and Finland, 2014 

    Trinanes, Joaquin; Baker-Austin, Craig; Salmenlinna, Sara; Löfdahl, Margareta; Taylor, Nick G.H.; Martinez-Urtaza, Jaime (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2016-07-22)
    During summer 2014, a total of 89 Vibrio infections were reported in Sweden and Finland, substantially more yearly infections than previously have been reported in northern Europe. Infections were spread across most coastal ...
  • Defining the Optimal Region of Interest for Hyperemia Grading in the Bulbar Conjunctiva 

    Sánchez Brea, Luisa; Barreira, Noelia; Mosquera González, Antonio; Evans, Katharine; Pena-Verdeal, Hugo (Hindawi, 2016)
    Conjunctival hyperemia or conjunctival redness is a symptom that can be associated with a broad group of ocular diseases. Its levels of severity are represented by standard photographic charts that are visually compared ...

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