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  • A Developer-Friendly “Open Lidar Visualizer and Analyser” for Point Clouds With 3D Stereoscopic View 

    Martínez Sánchez, Jorge; García Lorenzo, Óscar; López Vilariño, David; Fernández Pena, Tomás; Cabaleiro Domínguez, José Carlos; Fernández Rivera, Francisco (IEEE, 2018)
    Light detection and ranging is being a hot topic in the remote sensing field, and the development of robust point cloud processing methods is essential for the adoption of this technology. In order to understand, evaluate, ...
  • CNN technology for spatiotemporal signal processing 

    López Vilariño, David; Cabello Ferrer, Diego; Brea Sánchez, Víctor Manuel; Tetzlaff, Ronald; Lin, Chin-Teng (Springer, 2009)
  • Retinal verification using a feature points-based biometric pattern 

    Ortega, M.; Penedo, M.G.; Rouco, J.; Barreira, Noelia; Carreira Nouche, María José (Springer, 2009)
    Biometrics refer to identity verification of individuals based on some physiologic or behavioural characteristics. The typical authentication process of a person consists in extracting a biometric pattern of him/her and ...
  • FinFET Versus Gate-All-Around Nanowire FET: Performance, Scaling, and Variability 

    Nagy, Daniel; Indalecio Fernández, Guillermo; García Loureiro, Antonio Jesús; Elmessary, Muhammad A.; Seoane Iglesias, Natalia (IEEE, 2018)
    Performance, scalability, and resilience to variability of Si SOI FinFETs and gate-all-around (GAA) nanowires (NWs) are studied using in-house-built 3-D simulation tools. Two experimentally based devices, a 25-nm gate ...
  • Explorando métodos non-supervisados para calcular a similitude semántica textual 

    Gamallo Otero, Pablo; Pereira Fariña, Martín (Universidade do MinhoUniversidade de Vigo, 2019)
    Neste traballo preséntanse varios métodos non-supervisados para a detección da similitude semántica textual, os cales están baseados en modelos distribucionais e no parseado de dependencias. Os sistemas son avaliados ...

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