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    • Vertical asymmetries and inhibition of return: Effects of spatial and non-spatial cueing on behavior and visual ERPs 

      Gutiérrez Domínguez, Francisco Javier; Pazo Álvarez, Paula; Doallo Pesado, Sonia; Fuentes, Luis J.; Amenedo Losada, María Elena; Lorenzo López, Laura (Elsevier, 2014)
      Themechanisms underlying inhibition of return (IOR) are still under debate. Besides the probable implication of several processes in its generation, a reason for this uncertainty may be related to experimental factors ...
    • Vertical asymmetries in pre-attentive detection of changes in motion direction 

      Amenedo Losada, María Elena; Pazo Álvarez, Paula; Cadaveira Mahía, Fernando (Elsevier, 2007)
      Stimulus localization affects visual motion processing. Vertical asymmetries favouring lower visual field have been reported in event-related potentials (ERPs) and behavioural studies under different attention conditions. ...
    • Visual and auditory event-related potentials in young children of alcoholics from high- and low-density families 

      Rodríguez Holguín, Socorro; Corral Varela, María Montserrat; Cadaveira Mahía, Fernando (Wiley, 1998)
      Event-related potentials (ERPs), particularly the P3 wave, have been proposed as biological markers of genetic risk for alcoholism. The present study assesses the ERPs from 102 boys and girls (7 to 15 years old) divided ...
    • Visual P3a in Male Subjects at High Risk for Alcoholism 

      Rodríguez Holguín, Socorro; Porjesz, Bernice; Chorlian, David B.; Polich, John; Begleiter, Henri (Elsevier, 1999)
      Background: Voltage of the P300 component of eventrelated potentials (ERPs) has been proposed as a phenotypic marker of risk for alcoholism. P3a elicited by intrusive events is important in the context of deficits ...
    • Visual target processing in high- and low-performing older subjects indexed by P3 component 

      Lorenzo López, Laura; Amenedo Losada, María Elena; Pazo Álvarez, Paula; Cadaveira Mahía, Fernando (Elsevier, 2007)
      Aim: To explore the possible changes in the parameters of the P3 event-related potential (ERP) component among groups of young and older healthy subjects characterized as either high- or low-performers in a visual attention ...
    • Vulnerabilidad al alcoholismo en hijas de alcohólicos 

      Corral Varela, María Montserrat; Rodríguez Holguín, Socorro (Asociación Española de Psiquiatría del Niño y el Adolescente, 1995)
      En la última década se ha producido un preocupante incremento del alcoholismo femenino, unido a un comienzo más precoz del trastorno. Sin embargo, las investigaciones de alto riesgo, destinadas a buscar marcadores genéticos ...
    • Working memory over a six-year period in young binge drinkers 

      Carbia Sinde, Carina; Cadaveira Mahía, Fernando; López Caneda, Eduardo Guillermo; Caamaño Isorna, Francisco; Rodríguez Holguín, Socorro; Corral Varela, María Montserrat (Elsevier Masson, 2017)
      Adolescence and early adulthood are periods of particular vulnerability to the neurotoxic effects of alcohol. Young people with alcohol-use disorders display deficits in working memory (WM). This function is supported by ...

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