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    • Patterns of Alcohol Consumption in Spanish University Alumni: Nine Years of Follow-Up 

      Gómez Salgado, Patricia; Moure Rodríguez, Lucía; López Caneda, Eduardo Guillermo; Rial Boubeta, Antonio; Cadaveira Mahía, Fernando; Caamaño Isorna, Francisco (Frontiers Media, 2017)
      The aim of this study was to empirically identify different profiles of Spanish university alumni, based on their alcohol use over 9 years, and to further characterize them. A cohort study was carried out between 2005 ...
    • The Use of Non-Prescribed Prescription Drugs and Substance Use Among College Students: A 9-Year Follow-Up Cohort Study 

      Busto Miramontes, Alicia; Moure Rodríguez, Lucía; Díaz Geada, Ainara; Carbia Sinde, Carina; Cadaveira Mahía, Fernando; Caamaño Isorna, Francisco (Frontiers Media, 2020)
      The use of non-prescribed prescription drugs (NPPD) is common in post-modern societies and a significant proportion of youth consume NPPD concomitantly to other drugs. We studied the prevalence of this consumption among ...

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