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    • Reward Associations Magnify Memory-based Biases on Perception 

      Doallo Pesado, Sonia; Zita Patai, Eva; Nobre, Anna Christina (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, 2013)
      Long-term spatial contextual memories are a rich source of predictions about the likely locations of relevant objects in the environment and should enable tuning of neural processing of unfolding events to optimize perception ...
    • The effect of motivational instructions on P300 amplitude 

      Carrillo de la Peña, María Teresa; Cadaveira Mahía, Fernando (Elsevier Masson, 2000)
      The aim of this investigation was to determine the effect on P300 amplitude of instructions aimed at increasing the subject’s degree of task involvement. To this end, two different studies were carried out. In Study 1, ...

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