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    • Binge Drinking and Declarative Memory in University Students 

      Parada Iglesias, María; Corral Varela, María Montserrat; Caamaño Isorna, Francisco; Mota Miranda, Nayara Graciella; Crego Barreiro, Manuel Alberto; Rodríguez Holguín, Socorro; Cadaveira Mahía, Fernando (Willey, 2011)
      Background: Binge drinking (BD), which is characterized by sporadic consumption of large quantities of alcohol in short periods, is prevalent among university students. Animal studies have shown that BD is associated with ...
    • Effects of persistent binge drinking on brain structure in emerging adults: a longitudinal study 

      Pérez García, José Manuel; Cadaveira Mahía, Fernando; Canales-Rodríguez, Erick Jorge; Suárez Suárez, Samuel; Rodríguez Holguín, Socorro; Corral Varela, María Montserrat; Blanco Ramos, Javier; Doallo Pesado, Sonia (2022)
      Previous cross-sectional research has largely associated binge drinking (BD) with changes in volume and thickness during adolescence and early adulthood. Nevertheless, the long-term alcohol-related effects on gray matter ...

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