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    • Decision-making in the ventral premotor cortex harbinger of action 

      Pardo Vázquez, José Luis; Padrón Rodríguez, Isabel; Fernández Rey, José; Acuña Castroviejo, Carlos (Frontiers, 2011)
      Although the premotor (PM) cortex was once viewed as the substrate of pure motor func- tions, soon it was realized that it was involved in higher brain functions. By this it is meant that the PM cortex functions would ...
    • EEG activity represents the correctness of perceptual decisions trial-by-trial 

      Pardo Vázquez, José Luis; Padrón Rodríguez, Isabel; Fernández Rey, José; Acuña Castroviejo, Carlos (Frontiers, 2014)
      Performance monitoring is an executive function, which we depend on for detecting and evaluating the consequences of our behavior. Although event related potentials (ERPs) have revealed the existence of differences after ...
    • El uso de sonidos como estímulos en el condicionamiento clásico electrodérmico humano 

      Redondo Lago, Jaime Mauro; Alcaraz García, Miguel Ángel; Padrón Rodríguez, Isabel; Méndez, Amavia (Universitat de Valencia, 2014)
      Tradicionalmente, en el estudio del condicionamiento clásico humano se emplearon descargas eléctricas y ruidos intensos como estímulos incondicionados aversivos. Sin embargo, el uso de este tipo de estímulos plantea una ...
    • Processing gender agreement errors in pleasant and unpleasant words: An ERP study at the sentence level 

      Padrón Rodríguez, Isabel; Fraga Carou, Isabel; Acuña Fariña, Juan Carlos (Elsevier, 2020)
      In this study we examine the extent to which aspects such as the emotionality coded in words may interfere with the processing of gender agreement errors in a sentence grammaticality judgement task. We follow the ...
    • A Study on the Psychological Wound of COVID-19 in University Students 

      Padrón Rodríguez, Isabel; Fraga Carou, Isabel; Vieitez Portas, Lucía; Montes Piñeiro, Carlos; Romero Triñanes, Estrella (Frontiers Media, 2021)
      An increasing number of studies have addressed the psychological impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the general population. Nevertheless, far less is known about the impact on specific populations such as university students, ...

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