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  • Evaluation of protein composition influence on yields and selectivity of volatile fatty acids production 

    Bevilacqua, Riccardo; Regueira López, Alberte; Mauricio Iglesias, Miguel; Lema Rodicio, Juan Manuel; Carballa Arcos, Marta (2019)
    The influence of protein composition on volatile fatty acids (VFA) production is not clear and need to be further studied to valorise protein residual streams. For this purpose, two continuous stirred tank reactors were ...
  • Bringing frequency response analysis closer to Chemical Engineering 

    Mauricio Iglesias, Miguel; Huusom, Jakob Kjøbsted; Gernaey, Krist V (2020)
    Process control has traditionally been considered a difficult subject among chemical engineering students. A particular aspect that differentiates process control from process design related courses is also that the former ...
  • Design of Carvacrol-based active packaging for extending fresh fish shelf-life 

    Vilas, Carlos; Mauricio Iglesias, Miguel; García, Miriam R. (2019)
    Shelf life is the time-span where the product is in good conditions for consumption, from either safety or quality points of view. Shelf life is defined to guarantee food safety (“use-by” date), or to guarantee both ...
  • Modelling the production of VFA from proteins by mixed culture fermentations 

    Regueira López, Alberte; Bevilacqua, Riccardo; Lema Rodicio, Juan Manuel; Mauricio Iglesias, Miguel; Carballa Arcos, Marta (2019-06)
    Mixed-culture fermentations (MCF) are recognised as a valid process to yield added-value products from organic wastes in the form of volatile fatty acids (VFA). The use of mixed cultures is attractive due to their economical ...
  • Targeted conversion of protein and glucose waste streams to valatile fatty acids by metabolic models 

    Regueira López, Alberte; Bevilacqua, Riccardo; Lema Rodicio, Juan Manuel; Carballa Arcos, Marta; Mauricio Iglesias, Miguel (2019-10)
    Mixed-culture fermentations are recognised as suitable processes to valorise organic wastes and convert them into added-value products. One of the main issues of these processes is that the stoichiometry of the fermentations ...

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