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  • HaploGrep 2: mitochondrial haplogroup classification in the era of high-throughput sequencing 

    Weißensteiner, Hansi; Pacher, Dominic; Kloss-Brandstatter, Anita; Forer, Lukas; Specht, Gunther; Bandelt, Hans-Jurgen; Kronenberg, Florian; Salas, Antonio; Schonherr, Sebastian (Oxford University Press, 2016-04-15)
    Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) profiles can be classified into phylogenetic clusters (haplogroups), which is of great relevance for evolutionary, forensic and medical genetics. With the extensive growth of the underlying ...
  • Development and Validation of a New Clinical Scale for Infants with Acute Respiratory Infection: The ReSVinet Scale 

    Justicia Grande, Antonio; Pardo-Seco, Jacobo; Cebey-López, Miriam; Vilanova Trillo, Lucía; Gómez-Carballa, Alberto; Rivero Calle, Irene; Puente-Puig, María; Curros-Novo, Carmen; Gómez Rial, Jose; Salas, Antonio; Martinon-Torres, José María; Redondo-Collazo, Lorenzo; Rodríguez-Tenreiro Sánchez, Carmen; Martinon-Torres, Federico; Respiratory Syncytial Virus network (ReSVinet) (PLOS, 2016-06-21)
    Background and Aims A properly validated scoring system allowing objective categorization of infants with acute respiratory infections (ARIs), avoiding the need for in-person assessment and that could also be used by ...
  • Evaluation of differential effects of metformin treatment in obese children according to pubertal stage and genetic variations: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial 

    Pastor-Villaescusa, Belén; Caballero-Villarraso, Javier; Cañete, M. Dolores; Hoyos, Raúl; Maldonado, José; Bueno, Gloria; Leis, Rosaura; Cañete, Ramón; Aguilera, Concepción M. (BioMed Central, 2016-07-18)
    Overweight and obesity are considered to be serious public health problems. In pediatric populations, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and hypertension associated with obesity occur with increased frequencies. Metformin ...
  • Does Viral Co-Infection Influence the Severity of Acute Respiratory Infection in Children? 

    Cebey-López, Miriam; Herberg, Jethro; Pardo-Seco, Jacobo; Gómez-Carballa, Alberto; Martinon-Torres, Nazareth; Salas, Antonio; Martinon-Torres, José María; Justicia Grande, Antonio; Rivero Calle, Irene; Sumner, Edward; Fink, Colin; Martinon-Torres, Federico; GENDRES network (PLOS, 2016-04-20)
    Background Multiple viruses are often detected in children with respiratory infection but the significance of co-infection in pathogenesis, severity and outcome is unclear. Objectives To correlate the presence of ...
  • Genomic continuity of Argentinean Mennonites 

    Pardo-Seco, Jacobo; Llull, Cintia; Berardi, Gabriela; Gómez, Andrea; Martinon-Torres, Federico; Toscanini, Ulises; Salas, Antonio (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-11-08)
    Mennonites are Anabaptist communities that originated in Central Europe about 500 years ago. They initially migrated to different European countries, and in the early 18th century they established their first communities ...

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