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    • High-affinity sequence-selective DNA binding by iridium(III) polypyridyl organometallopeptides 

      Gamba, Ilaria; Salvadó, Iria; Brissos, Rosa F.; Gamez, Patrick; Brea Floriani, José Manuel; Loza García, María Isabel; Vázquez Sentís, Marco Eugenio; Vázquez López, Miguel (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016)
      We demonstrate the application of solid-phase peptide synthesis methods for the straightforward assembly of polynuclear Ir(III) organometallopeptides, and show that their oligoarginine derivatives exhibit high DNA binding ...
    • Membrane-disrupting iridium(III) oligocationic organometallopeptides 

      Salvadó, Iria; Gamba, Ilaria; Montenegro García, Javier; Martínez Costas, José Manuel; Brea Floriani, José Manuel; Loza García, María Isabel; Vázquez López, Miguel; Vázquez Sentís, Marco Eugenio (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-08-19)
      A series of oligoarginine peptide derivatives containing cyclometallated iridium(III) units display remarkable cytotoxicity, comparable to that of cisplatin. In vitro studies with unilamellar vesicles support a membrane-disrupting ...

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