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    • Editorial: Molecular Magnets 

      Fondo Busto, María Matilde; Escuer, Albert; Herrera, Juan Manuel (Frontiers Media, 2019)
      Since the discovery of single molecule magnetism in a Mn12 complex in 1993, the research on this field has received growing attention. This is mainly due to the great advantages that the molecular magnets would have in ...
    • Field-induced single molecule magnets of phosphine- and arsine-oxides 

      Fondo Busto, María Matilde; Corredoira Vázquez, Julio; García Deibe, Ana María; Sanmartín Matalobos, Jesús; Herrera, Juan Manuel; Colacio, Enrique (Frontiers Media, 2018)
      The coordination chemistry of dysprosium and terbium toward phosphine and arsine oxides was further explored. Thus, the new nitrate [M(NO3)3(Ph3PO)3] (M = Tb, 1; Dy, 2), [Dy(NO3)3(EtOH)(Ph3XO)2] (X = P, 3; As, 4), chloride ...

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