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  • Core-Shell Palladium/MOF Platforms as Diffusion-Controlled Nanoreactors in Living Cells and Tissue Models 

    Martínez González, Raquel; Carrillo Carrión, Carolina; Destito, Paolo; Álvarez Lorenzo, Aitor; Tomás Gamasa, María; Pelaz García, Beatriz; López García, Fernando; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis; Pino González de la Higuera, Pablo Alfonso del (Cell Press, 2020)
    Translating the potential of transition metal catalysis to biological and living environments promises to have a profound impact in chemical biology and biomedicine. A major challenge in the field is the creation of ...
  • Tunable gap in stable arsenene nanoribbons opens the door to electronic applications 

    García Fuente, Amador; Carrete Montaña, Jesús; Vega Hierro, Andrés; Gallego del Hoyo, Luis Javier (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2019)
    Arsenic has been predicted to present significantly more diverse 2D phases than other elementalcompounds like graphene. While practical applications must be based onfinite arsenene samples, likenanoribbons, theory has so ...
  • Integrability and Dif feomorphisms on Target Space 

    Adam, Christoph; Sánchez Guillén, Joaquín; Wereszczynski, Andrzej (National Academy of Science of Ukraine, 2007)
    We briefly review the concepts of generalized zero curvature conditions and integrability in higher dimensions, where integrability in this context is related to the existence of infinitely many conservation laws. Under ...
  • The role of mesoscale eddies time and length scales on phytoplankton production 

    Pérez Muñuzuri, Vicente; Huhn, Florian (Copernicus Publications, 2010)
    Horizontal mixing has been found to play a crucial role in the development of spatial plankton structures in the ocean. We study the influence of time and length scales of two different horizontal two-dimensional (2-D) ...
  • Potential groundwater contribution to Amazon evapotranspiration 

    Fan, Ying; Míguez Macho, Gonzalo (Copernicus Publications, 2010)
    Climate and land ecosystem models simulate a dry-season vegetation stress in the Amazon forest, but observations do not support these results, indicating adequate water supply. Proposed mechanisms include larger soil water ...

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