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    • Dynamical effects in fission investigated at high excitation energy 

      Benlliure Anaya, José Fernando (EDP Sciences, 2016-05-11)
      The experimental techniques used for the investigation of nuclear fission have progressed considerably during the last decade. Most of this progress is based on the use of the inverse kinematics technique allowing for the ...
    • Excitation of Δ and N* resonances in isobaric charge-exchange reactions of heavy nuclei 

      Vidaña, I.; Benlliure Anaya, José Fernando; Geissel, Hans; Lenske, Horst; Scheidenberger, C.; Vargas, J. (EDP Sciences, 2016)
      We present a model for the study of the excitation of Δ(1232) and N*(1440) resonances in isobaric charge-exchange (AZ, A(Z ± 1)) reactions of heavy nuclei. Quasi-elastic and inelastic elementary processes contributing to ...
    • Improved stability of a compact vacuum-free laser-plasma X-ray source 

      Martín Blanco, Lucía; Benlliure Anaya, José Fernando; Cortina Gil, María Dolores; Peñas, J. (Cambridge University Press, 2020)
      We report the development of a stable high-average power X-ray source generated by the interaction of ultrashort laser pulses (35 fs, 1 mJ, 1 kHz) with a solid target in air. The achieved source stability, which is essential ...

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