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    • Observation of isoscalar multipole strengths in exotic doubly-magic 56 Ni in inelastic α scattering in inverse kinematics 

      Bagchi, S.; Gibelin, J.; Harakeh, M.N.; Kalantar-Nayestanaki, N.; Achouri, N.L.; Akimune, H.; Bastin, B.; Boretzky, K.; Bouzomita, H.; Caamaño Fresco, Manuel; Càceres, L.; Damoy, S.; Delaunay, F.; Fernández Domínguez, Beatriz; Fujiwara, M.; Garg, U.; Grinyer, G.F.; Kamalou, O.; Khan, E.; Krasznahorkay, A.; Lhoutellier, G.; Libin, J.F.; Lukyanov, S.; Mazurek, K.; Najafi, M.A.; Pancin, J.; Penionzhkevich, Y.; Perrot, L.; Raabe, R.; Rigollet, C.; Roger, T.; Sambi, S.; Savajols, H.; Senoville, M.; Stodel, C.; Suen, L.; Thomas, J.C.; Vandebrouck, M.; Van de Walle, J. (Elsevier, 2015)
      The Isoscalar Giant Monopole Resonance (ISGMR) and the Isoscalar Giant Dipole Resonance (ISGDR) compression modes have been studied in the doubly-magic unstable nucleus 56Ni. They were measured by inelastic α-particle ...
    • Re-examining the transition into the N = 20 island of inversion: Structure of 30Mg 

      Fernández Domínguez, Beatriz; Pietras, B.; Catford, W. N.; Orr, N. A.; Petri, M.; Chartier, M.; Paschalis, S.; Patterson, N.; Thomas, J. S.; Caamaño Fresco, Manuel; Otsuka, T.; Poves, A.; Tsunoda, N.; Achouri, N.L.; Angélique, J. C.; Ashwood, N. I.; Banu, A.; Bastin, B.; Borcea, R.; Brown, J.; Delaunay, F.; Franchoo, S.; Freer, M.; Gaudefroy, L.; Heil, S.; Labiche, M.; Laurent, B.; Lemmon, R. C.; Macchiavelli, A .O.; Negoita, F.; Paul, E. S.; Rodríguez Tajes, Carme; Roussel Chomaz, P.; Staniou, M.; Taylor, M. J.; Trache, L.; Wilson, G. L. (Elsevier, 2018)
      Intermediate energy single-neutron removal from 31Mg has been employed to investigate the transition into the N=20island of inversion. Levels up to 5MeV excitation energy in 30Mg were populated and spin-parity assignments ...

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