Recent Submissions

  • Synthesis and Properties of a New Ionic Liquid Which Jellyfies at Room Conditions 

    Cabeza, Oscar; Rilo, Esther; Vila, Juan; Segade, Luisa; López Lago, María Elena; Varela Cabo, Luis Miguel; Vilas, Miguel; Tojo, Emilia (MDPI, 2015)
    In this communication the synthesis and physical properties of the new ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methyl imidazolium decyl sulfate, are shown. The interest of this new salt lies in its tendency to jellify when it is exposed ...
  • Thermal characterization of ethylammonium nitrate 

    Salgado Carballo, Josefa; Teijeira Pernas, Tamara; Parajó Vieito, Juan José; Bouzón Capelo, Silvia Diana; Rodríguez González, Julio Ramón; Villanueva López, María; Varela Cabo, Luis Miguel (MDPI, 2016)
    Beyond their traditional usage in fuel cell applications, the category of protic ionic liquids (PILs) has been recently signalled as a potential candidate for battery applications. Despite being the oldest known IL, and ...
  • A heteronuclear ZnGd complex as a potential contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging 

    Fondo Busto, María Matilde; Corredoira Vázquez, Julio; García Deibe, Ana María; Sanmartín Matalobos, Jesús; Iglesias Rey, Ramón; Taboada Antelo, Pablo (MDPI, 2016)
    A new ligand H3L, with internal compartments for allocating 3d metal ions and external donors to bind 4f ions, was synthesized and completely characterized. Reaction of H3L with zinc(II) and gadolin ium(III) salts allows ...

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