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  • Anisotropic D3-D5 black holes with unquenched flavors 

    Penín Ascariz, José Manuel; Vázquez Ramallo, Alfonso; Zoakos, Dimitrios (Springer, 2018)
    We construct a black hole geometry generated by the intersection of N c color D3- branes and N f flavor D5-branes along a 2+1 dimensional subspace. Working in the Veneziano limit in which N f is large and distributing ...
  • Correlations and the ridge in the Color Glass Condensate beyond the glasma graph approximation 

    Altinoluk, Tolga; Armesto Pérez, Néstor; Wertepny, Douglas E. (Springer, 2018)
    We consider two-gluon production in dilute-dense collisions within the Color Glass Condensate framework, applicable to both proton-nucleus and heavy-light ion collisions. We go beyond the glasma graph approximation which ...
  • Roper resonances and quasi-normal modes of Skyrmions 

    Adam, Christoph; Haberichter, M.; Romanczukiewicz, T.; Wereszczynski, Andrzej (Springer, 2018)
    Radial vibrations of charge one hedgehog Skyrmions in the full Skyrme model are analysed. We investigate how the properties of the lowest resonance modes (quasi normal modes) — their frequencies and widths — depend on the ...
  • D3–D5 theories with unquenched flavors 

    Conde, Eduardo; Lin, Hai; Penín Ascariz, José Manuel; Vázquez Ramallo, Alfonso; Zoakos, Dimitrios (Elsevier, 2017)
    We construct the string duals of the defect theories generated when Nfflavor D5-branes intersect Nccolor D3-branes along a 2 +1dimensional subspace. We work in the Veneziano limit in which Ncand Nfare large and Nf/Ncis ...
  • Holographic quenches with a gap 

    Silva, Emilia da; López, Esperanza; Mas Solé, Javier; Serantes Rubianes, Alexandre (Springer, 2016)
    In order to holographically model quenches with a gapped final hamiltonian, we consider a gravity-scalar theory in anti-de Sitter space with an infrared hard wall. We allow a time dependent profile for the scalar field at ...

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