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  • Gold(I)-catalyzed enantioselective addition and cycloaddition reactions 

    Fernández Casado, Jaime (2018)
    This Doctoral Thesis has been focused on the development of new gold(I)-catalyzed enantioselective addition and cycloaddition reactions. In particular, in the first chapter, dedicated to the development of enantioselective ...
  • Witten’s perturbation and Lefschetz formula on singular spaces 

    Franco Sanmartín, Carlos Luis (2019)
    The objects studied in this thesis are Thom-Mather stratified spaces. Thom-Mather stratified spaces admit a partition into smooth manifolds called strata, which in general have different dimensions. The strata are glued ...
  • Long Time Dynamics of Resonant Systems 

    Fariña Biasi, Anxo (2019)
    This thesis studies the long time dynamics of resonant systems in the weakly nonlinear regime. It is divided into two main parts. In the first one, we consider the resonant equation, which captures the energy transfer ...
  • Regularity in Logarithmic Algebraic Geometry: a different viewpoint 

    Conde Lago, Jesús (2019)
    Logarithmic algebraic geometry is the right context to deal with some problems in algebraic geometry. For instance, certain morphisms of schemes which are not smooth can be considered as morphisms of logarithmic schemes ...
  • Time depending dynamics of chains of evolution algebras 

    Murodov, Sherzod (2019)
    This thesis is devoted to study the time‐depending dynamics of chains of evolution algebras (CEAs). Such chains are dynamical systems whose states, at each moment, are evolution algebras. The sequences of matrices of the ...

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