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  • Targeting sphingosine kinase isoforms effectively reduces growth and survival of neoplastic mast cells with D816V-KIT 

    Bandara, Geethani; Muñoz-Cano, Rosa; Tobío Ageitos, Araceli; Yin, Yuzhi; Komarow, Hirsh D.; Desai, Avanti; Metcalfe, Dean D.; Olivera, Ana (Frontiers, 2018-03-28)
    Mastocytosis is a disorder resulting from an abnormal mast cell (MC) accumulation in tissues that is often associated with the D816V mutation in KIT, the tyrosine kinase receptor for stem cell factor. Therapies available ...
  • Metabolic modeling for predicting VFA production from protein‐rich substrates by mixed‐culture fermentation 

    Regueira López, Alberte; Lema Rodicio, Juan Manuel; Carballa Arcos, Marta; Mauricio Iglesias, Miguel (Wiley, 2020-01)
    Proteinaceous organic wastes are suitable substrates to produce high added‐value products in anaerobic mixed‐culture fermentations. In these processes, the stoichiometry of the biotransformation depends highly on operational ...
  • Modelling the production of VFA from proteins by mixed culture fermentations 

    Regueira López, Alberte; Bevilacqua, Riccardo; Lema Rodicio, Juan Manuel; Mauricio Iglesias, Miguel; Carballa Arcos, Marta (2019-06)
    Mixed-culture fermentations (MCF) are recognised as a valid process to yield added-value products from organic wastes in the form of volatile fatty acids (VFA). The use of mixed cultures is attractive due to their economical ...
  • T-duality equivalences beyond string theory 

    Edelstein Glaubach, José Daniel; Sfetsos, Konstantinos; Sierra García, Jesús Aníbal; Vilar López, Alejandro (Springer, 2019-05-16)
    We examine a two parameter family of gravitational actions which contains higher-derivative terms. These are such that the entire action is invariant under corrected T-duality rules, which we derive explicitly. Generically ...
  • T-duality and high-derivative gravity theories: the BTZ black hole/string paradigm 

    Edelstein Glaubach, José Daniel; Sfetsos, Konstantinos; Sierra García, J. Aníbal; Vilar López, Alejandro (Springer, 2019-05-16)
    We show that the temperature and entropy of a BTZ black hole are invariant under T-duality to next to leading order in M ⋆− 2, M⋆ being the scale suppressing higher-curvature/derivative terms in the Lagrangian. We work in ...

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