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    • Microplastic accumulation by tube-dwelling, suspension feeding polychaetes from the sediment surface: A case study from the Norwegian Continental Shelf 

      Knutsen, Heidi; Cyvin, Jakob Bonnevie; Totland, Christian; Lilleeng, Øyvind; Wade, Emma Jane; Castro Bustelo, Verónica; Pettersen, Arne; Laugesen, Jens; Møskeland, Thomas; Arp, Hans Peter H. (Elsevier, 2020)
      Sediment samples (0–1 cm) and tube-dwelling polychaetes from the Norwegian Continental Shelf and the Barents Sea were collected, including areas close to oil and gas installations and remote locations. Microplastics (≥45 ...
    • Protective effects of kefir in the angiotensin II-dependent hypertension 

      Monteiro, Brenna Lepaus; Dias, Ananda Tissianel; Wanderkoke, Sthephany C.; Yokota, Rodrigo; Casarini, Dulce Elena; Leal, Marcos André Soares; Nogueira, Breno Valentim; Meyrelles, Silvana Santos; Campos Toimil, Manuel; Prandi Campagnaro, Bianca; Campos, Ruy Ribeiro; Pereira, Thiago Melo Costa; Vasquez, Elisardo Corral (Elsevier, 2020)
      Recently, we have reported cardiovascular protective effects of the probiotic kefir in a model of primary hypertension. Now, we evaluated the beneficial effects of kefir in a model of secondary hypertension under hyperactivation ...
    • Bypass and hyperbole in soil science: A perspective from the next generation of soil scientists 

      Portell, Xavier; Sauzet, Ophélie; Balseiro Romero, María; Benard, Pascal; Cardinael, Rémi; Couradeau, Estelle; Danra, Dieudonné D.; Evans, Daniel L.; Fry, Ellen L.; Hammer, Edith Caroline; Mamba, Danielle; Merino Martín, Luis; Mueller, Carsten W.; Paradelo, Marcos; Rees, Frédéric; Rossi, Lorenzo M. W.; Schmidt, Hannes; Schnee, Laura Sophie; Védère, Charlotte; Vidal, Alix (Wiley, 2021)
      Letter to the Editor of the European Journal of Soil Science as a reaction to the Russell Review by Phillipe Baveye “Bypass and hyperbole in soil research: worrisome practices critically reviewed through examples” and to ...
    • Dietary recommendations in Spain –affordability and environmental sustainability? 

      González García, Sara; Green, Rosemary F.; Scheelbeek, Pauline F.; Harris, Francesca; Dangour, Alan D. (Elsevier, 2020)
      Global food demand is increasing due to population growth and dietary transitions, resulting from rising incomes, are associated with increased prevalence of non-communicable diseases. Improving the sustainability of the ...
    • Máculas hiperpigmentadas: una reacción adversa del tratamiento con metreleptina 

      Araújo Vilar, David; Quinteiro, Sofía; Fernández Pombo, Antía; Sánchez Iglesias, Sofía (Elsevier, 2020)

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