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  • Antioxidant PLA Composites Containing Lignin for 3D Printing Applications: A Potential Material for Healthcare Applications 

    Domínguez Robles, Juan; Martin, Niamh K.; Fong, Mun Leon; Stewart, Sarah A.; Irwin, Nicola J.; Rial Hermida, María Isabel; Donnelly, Ryan F.; Larrañeta, Eneko (MDPI, 2019)
    Lignin (LIG) is a natural biopolymer with well-known antioxidant capabilities. Accordingly, in the present work, a method to combine LIG with poly(lactic acid) (PLA) for fused filament fabrication applications (FFF) is ...
  • Detection of MET Alterations Using Cell Free DNA and Circulating Tumor Cells from Cancer Patients 

    Mondelo Macía, Patricia; Rodríguez López, Carmela; Valiña, Laura; Aguín, Santiago; León Mateos, Luis; García González, Jorge; Abalo, Alicia; Rapado González, Óscar; Suárez Cunqueiro, María Mercedes; Díaz Lagares, Angel; Curiel, Teresa; Calabuig Fariñas, Silvia; Azkárate, Aitor; Obrador Hevia, Antònia; Abdulkader, Ihab; Muinelo Romay, Laura; Díaz Peña, Roberto; López López, Rafael (MDPI, 2020)
    MET alterations may provide a potential biomarker to evaluate patients who will benefit from treatment with MET inhibitors. Therefore, the purpose of the present study is to investigate the utility of a liquid biopsy-based ...
  • Clonal Structure, Virulence Factor-encoding Genes and Antibiotic Resistance of Escherichia coli, Causing Urinary Tract Infections and Other Extraintestinal Infections in Humans in Spain and France during 2016 

    Flament Simon, Saskia Camille; Nicolas Chanoine, Marie Hélène; García, Vanesa; Duprilot, Marion; Mayer, Noémie; Alonso, María Pilar; García Meniño, Isidro; Blanco Álvarez, Jesús Eulogio; Blanco Álvarez, Miguel; Blanco Álvarez, Jorge (MDPI, 2020)
    Escherichia coli is the main pathogen responsible for extraintestinal infections. A total of 196 clinical E. coli consecutively isolated during 2016 in Spain (100 from Lucus Augusti hospital in Lugo) and France (96 from ...
  • ANGPTL-4 is Associated with Obesity and Lipid Profile in Children and Adolescents 

    Barja Fernández, Silvia; Folgueira Cobos, Cintia; Castelao Taboada, Cecilia; Pena León, Verónica; González Saenz, Patricia; Vázquez Cobela, Rocío; Aguilera, Concepción M.; Gil Campos, Mercedes; Bueno Lozano, Gloria; Gil, Ángel; Moreno, Luis A.; Ruiz Piñón, Manuel; García Palacios, María; Casanueva Freijo, Felipe; Diéguez González, Carlos; Nogueiras Pozo, Rubén; Leis Trabazo, María Rosaura; Seoane Camino, Luisa María (MDPI, 2019)
    Angiopoietin-like protein 4 (ANGPTL-4) regulates lipidic metabolism and affects energy homeostasis. However, its function in children with obesity remains unknown. We investigated plasma ANGPTL-4 levels in children and its ...
  • Isolation of Ovicidal Fungi from Fecal Samples of Captive Animals Maintained in a Zoological Park 

    Hernández Malagón, José Ángel; Vázquez Ruiz de Ocenda, Rosa Ana; Cazapal Monteiro, Cristiana Filipa; Valderrábano, Esther; Arroyo Balán, Fabián Leonardo; Francisco Vázquez, Iván; Miguélez Riádigos, Silvia; Sánchez-Andrade Fernández, Rita; Paz Silva, Adolfo; Arias Vázquez, María Sol (MDPI, 2017)
    There are certain saprophytic fungi in the soil able to develop an antagonistic effect against eggs of parasites. Some of these fungal species are ingested by animals during grazing, and survive in their feces after passing ...

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