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    • Efficacy of video game-based interventions for active aging : a systematic literature review and meta-analysis 

      Vázquez González, Fernando Lino; Otero Otero, Patricia; García Casal, Jesús Antonio; Blanco Seoane, Vanessa; Torres Iglesias, Ángela Juana; Arrojo Romero, Manuel (Plos, 2018)
      Background: Due to the appeal and recent technological advances of video games, the games have gained interest as an intervention tool for active aging. The aim of this systematic literature review and meta-analysis was ...
    • Synthesis of substituted 3-aryl-4-hydroxycoumarins of expected antimicrobial activity in tenacibaculosis disease 

      Serra, Silvia; Vázquez Rodríguez, Saleta; Delogu, Giovanna Lucia; Fuentes Edfuf, Cristina; Santos Rodríguez, María Ysabel; Santana Penín, María Lourdes; Uriarte Villares, Eugenio (MDPI, 2011)
      Bacterial diseases of freshwater fish epithelia have been extensively studied; however in marine fishes relatively few bacterial skin and gill diseases have been characterized. Tenacibaculum maritimum, a Gram-negative and ...
    • Benzopyran-2-ones as attractive scaffold for MAO inhibitors: synthesis, biological evaluation and docking studies 

      Vázquez Rodríguez, Saleta; Matos, Maria João Correia Pinto Carvalho de; Uriarte Villares, Eugenio; Ferino, Giulio; Cadoni, Enzo; Viña Castelao, María Dolores (MDPI, 2011)
      Neurodegenerative diseases are becoming prevalent pathologies in developed societies due to increasing average of life expectancy of the population. This fact has encouraged an active research in the development of new ...
    • Synthesis of new phthalazinedione derivatives 

      Munín Doce, Javier; Quezada González, Elías Neftalí; Uriarte Villares, Eugenio; Santana Penín, María Lourdes; Viña Castelao, María Dolores (MDPI, 2011)
      In the past few decades, the synthesis of new heterocyclic compounds has been a subject of great interest due to their wide applicability. Among a large variety of heterocyclic compounds, heterocycles containing phthalazine ...
    • Multi-Target Spectral Moment QSAR vs. ANN for antiparasitic drugs against different parasite species 

      Prado Prado, Francisco Javier; García Mera, Xerardo Xusto; González Díaz, Humberto (MDPI, 2010)
      There are many of pathogen parasite species with different susceptibility profile to antiparasitic drugs. Unfortunately, almost QSAR models predict the biological activity of drugs against only one parasite species. ...

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