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  • Synthesis and vasorelaxant and platelet antiaggregatory activities of a new series of 6-Halo-3-phenylcoumarins 

    Quezada González, Elías Neftalí; Delogu, Giovanna; Picciau, Carmen; Santana Penín, María Lourdes; Podda, Gianni; Borges, Fernanda; García Morales, Verónica; Viña Castelao, María Dolores; Orallo Cambeiro, Francisco (MDPI, 2010)
    A series of 6-halo-3-hydroxyphenylcoumarins (resveratrol-coumarins hybrid derivatives) was synthesized in good yields by a Perkin reaction followed by hydrolysis. The new compounds were evaluated for their vasorelaxant ...
  • Tyrosinase inhibitor activity of coumarin-resveratrol hybrids 

    Fais, Antonella; Corda, Marcella; Era, Benedetta; Fadda, M. Benedetta; Matos, Maria João Correia Pinto Carvalho de; Quezada González, Elías Neftalí; Santana Penín, María Lourdes; Picciau, Carmen; Podda, Gianni; Delogu, Giovanna (MDPI, 2009)
    In the present work we report on the contribution of the coumarin moiety to tyrosinase inhibition. Coumarin-resveratrol hybrids 1-8 have been resynthesized to investigate the structure-activity relationships and the IC50 ...
  • (1RS,4RS,5RS)-Methyl 2-(3,5-di­nitro­benzo­yl)-2-oxa-3-aza­bi­cyclo­[3.3.0]oct-7-ene-4-carboxyl­ate 

    Sousa, Carlos A.D.; Rodríguez Borges, José E.; Vale, M. Luísa C.; García Mera, Xerardo Xusto (International Union of Crystallography, 2009)
    In organic synthesis, the usual techniques as NMR, mass or infra-red spectrometry and elemental analysis are often not enough for the unequivocally determination of a structure of a compound. When it is possible to ...
  • 3-O-Benzyl-6-O-benzoyl-1,2-Oisopropilidene-5-C-nitromethyl-a-Dglucofuranose 

    Pampín Casal, María Begoña; Valencia Matarranz, Laura; Estévez Cabanas, Juan Carlos; Estévez Cabanas, Ramón José (International Union of Crystallography, 2008)
    The title compound, C24H27NO9, is one of the epimers of the Henry reaction of 3-O-benzyl-6-O-benzoyl-2-O-isopropyl­idene-a-D-glucofuran-5-one with nitro­methane. The conformation of the five membered rings is as expected ...
  • Polymeric Helical Structures à la Carte by Rational Design of Monomers 

    Cobos Cabrera, Scarlet Katherine; Rodríguez Riego, Rafael; Domarco Álvarez, Olaya; Fernández Rodríguez, Berta; Quiñoá Cabana, Emilio; Riguera Vega, Ricardo; Freire Iribarne, Félix Manuel (American Chemical Society, 2020)
    Preparation of helical structures à la carte by monomer design of dynamic helical polymers such as poly(phenylacetylene)s (PPAs) is a difficult task due to conformational freedom of the polyene backbone. Herein, we study ...

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