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  • A Big Data Platform for Real Time Analysis of Signs of Depression in Social Media 

    Martínez Castaño, Rodrigo; Pichel Campos, Juan Carlos; Losada Carril, David Enrique (MDPI, 2020)
    In this paper we propose a scalable platform for real-time processing of Social Media data. The platform ingests huge amounts of contents, such as Social Media posts or comments, and can support Public Health surveillance ...
  • Individual Tree Diameter and Height Growth Models for 30 Tree Species in Mixed-Species and Uneven-Aged Forests of Mexico 

    Briseño Reyes, Jaime; Corral Rivas, José Javier; Solis Moreno, Raúl; Padilla Martínez, Jaime Roberto; Vega Nieva, Daniel José; López Serrano, Pablito Marcelo; Vargas Larreta, Benedicto; Diéguez Aranda, Ulises; Quiñones Barraza, Gerónimo; López Sánchez, Carlos Antonio (MDPI, 2020)
    Lack of knowledge of individual tree growth in species-rich, mixed forest ecosystems impedes their sustainable management. In this study, species-specific models for predicting individual diameter at breast height (dbh) ...
  • Loss of European Dry Heaths in NW Spain: A Case Study 

    Ramil Rego, Pablo; Rodríguez Guitián, Manuel Antonio; López Castro, Hugo; Ferreiro da Costa, Javier; Muñoz Sobrino, Castor (MDPI, 2013)
    Natural habitats are continuing to deteriorate in Europe with an increasing number of wild species which are also seriously threatened. Consequently, a coherent European ecological network (Natura 2000) for conservation ...
  • Contribution to the Physical Modelling of Single Charged Defects Causing the Random Telegraph Noise in Junctionless FinFET 

    Atamuratov, Atabek E.; Khalilloev, Mahkam M.; Yusupov, Ahmed; García Loureiro, Antonio Jesús; Chedjou, Jean Chamberlain; Kyandoghere, Kyamakya (MDPI, 2020)
    In this paper, different physical models of single trap defects are considered, which are localized in the oxide layer or at the oxide–semiconductor interface of field effect transistors. The influence of these defects ...
  • CT Radiomics in Colorectal Cancer: Detection of KRAS Mutation Using Texture Analysis and Machine Learning 

    González Castro, Víctor; Cernadas García, Eva; Huelga Zapico, Emilio; Fernández Delgado, Manuel; Antúnez López, José Ramón; Souto Bayarri, José Miguel (MDPI, 2020)
    In this work, by using descriptive techniques, the characteristics of the texture of the CT (computed tomography) image of patients with colorectal cancer were extracted and, subsequently, classified in KRAS+ or KRAS-. ...

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