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    • Analysis of high concentrator photovoltaic modules in outdoor conditions: Influence of direct normal irradiance, air temperature, and air mass 

      Fernández, Eduardo F.; Rodrigo, P.; Fernández, J. I.; Almonacid, F.; Pérez Higueras, P.; García Loureiro, Antonio; Almonacid, G. (AIP Publishing, 2014)
      The study of high concentrator photovoltaic (HCPV) technology under real conditions is essential to understand its real behavior. The influence of direct normal irradiance (DNI), air temperature (Tair), and air mass (AM) ...
    • Simulation of DIBL effect in 25 nm SOI-FinFET with the different body shapes 

      Atamuratov, A. E.; Abdikarimov, A.; Khalilloev, M.; Atamuratova, Z. A.; Rahmanov, R.; García Loureiro, Antonio; Yusupov, A. (ITMO University, 2017)
      Short channel effects, such as DIBL are compared for SOI-FinFETs with different silicon body geometries. The original device considered was straight without narrowing at the top and a set of devices that exhibit the ...
    • An Ontology-Based Interpretable Fuzzy Decision Support System for Diabetes Diagnosis 

      El-Sappagh, Shaker; Alonso Moral, José María; Ali, Farman; Ali, Amjad; Jang, Jun-Hyeog; Kwak, Kyung-Sup (IEEE, 2018)
      Diabetes is a serious chronic disease. The importance of clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) to diagnose diabetes has led to extensive research efforts to improve the accuracy, applicability, interpretability, and ...
    • JFML: A Java Library to Design Fuzzy Logic Systems According to the IEEE Std 1855-2016 

      Soto Hidalgo, José Manuel; Alonso Moral, José María; Acampora, Giovanni; Alcalá Fernández, Jesús (IEEE, 2018)
      Fuzzy logic systems are useful for solving problems in many application fields. However, these systems are usually stored in specific formats and researchers need to rewrite them to use in new problems. Recently, the IEEE ...
    • Enabling BOINC in infrastructure as a service cloud system 

      Pérez Montes, Diego; Añel Cabanelas, Juan Antonio; Fernández Pena, Tomás; Uhe, Peter; Wallom, David C. H. (Copernicus Publications, 2017)
      Volunteer or crowd computing is becoming increasingly popular for solving complex research problems from an increasingly diverse range of areas. The majority of these have been built using the Berkeley Open Infrastructure ...

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