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    • Towards greater transparency and coherence in funding for sustainable marine fisheries and healthy oceans 

      Blasiak, Robert; Wabnitz, Colette C.C.; Daw, Tim; Berger, Michael; Blandon, Abigayil; Carneiro, Gonçalo; Crona, Beatrice; Davidson, Marie Frances; Guggisberg, Solène; Hills, Jeremy; Mallin, Felix; McManus, Edmund; ould-Chih, Karim; Pittman, Jeremy; Santos Solla, Xosé Manuel; Westlund, Lena; Wetterstrand, Hanna; Wiegler, Kai (Elsevier, 2019)
      This final manuscript in the special issue on “Funding for ocean conservation and sustainable fisheries” is the result of a dialogue aimed at connecting lead authors of the special issue manuscripts with relevant policymakers ...

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