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  • Virtual Reality as a Tool for Evaluation of Repetitive Rhythmic Movements in the Elderly and Parkinson's Disease Patients 

    Arias Carpintero, Pablo; Robles García, Verónica; Sanmartín Díaz, Gabriel; Flores González, Julián; Cudeiro, Javier (PLOS, 2012)
    This work presents an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) system to evaluate, and potentially treat, the alterations in rhythmic hand movements seen in Parkinson's disease (PD) and the elderly (EC), by comparison with healthy ...
  • Anti-CD26 autoantibodies are involved in rheumatoid arthritis and show potential clinical interest 

    Cordero, Oscar J; Varela-Calviño, Rubén; López González, Tania; Grujic, Milica; Juranic, Zorica; Mouriño, Coral; Hernández-Rodríguez, Íñigo; Rodríguez-López, Marina; Aspe de la Iglesia, Bruno; Pego-Reigosa, José María (Elsevier, 2017-06-05)
    Objectives Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients show low serum levels of the Ag dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV/CD26), both soluble CD26 (sCD26) concentration and its DPP-IV activity. The aim of this study was to test if ...
  • The CD14 (−159 C/T) SNP is associated with sCD14 levels and allergic asthma, but not with CD14 expression on monocytes 

    Nieto-Fontarigo, Juan José; Salgado, Francisco J.; San-José, M. E.; Cruz, M. J.; Casas-Fernández, A.; Gómez-Conde, M. J.; Valdés-Cuadrado, L.; García-González, M. Á.; Arias, P.; Nogueira, M.; González-Barcala, Francisco-Javier (Springer Nature, 2018-03-07)
    LPS-ligation to CD14/TLR-4 on monocytes/macrophages triggers the production of IL-12-family cytokines. IL12/18 promote TH1-differentiation, counteracting the TH2-driven asthma. Therefore, CD14 modulation could alter the ...
  • Selective G-quadruplex binding by oligoarginine-Ru(dppz) metallopeptides 

    Bouzada, David; Salvadó, Iria; Barka, Ghofrane; Rama, Gustavo; Martínez-Costas, Jose; Lorca, Romina; Somoza, Álvaro; Melle-Franco, Manuel; Vázquez Sentís, M. Eugenio; Vázquez López, Miguel (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018)
    A set of Ru(II) metallopeptides containing the dppz ligand has been synthesized using SPPS methods. Fluorescence titration studies show that those metallopeptides featuring an octaarginine tail display a large binding ...
  • Programmed stereoselective assembly of DNA-binding helical metallopeptides 

    Gamba, Ilaria; Rama, Gustavo; Ortega-Carrasco, Elisabeth; Maréchal, Jean-Didier; Martínez-Costas, Jose; Vázquez Sentís, M. Eugenio; Vázquez López, Miguel (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014)
    A flexible and versatile synthetic approach for the construction of water-stable DNA-binding chiral peptide helicates based on the solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) methodology is reported

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