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    • Rational design of polyarginine nanocapsules intended to help peptides overcoming intestinal barriers 

      Niu, Zhigao; Tedesco, Erik; Benetti, Federico; Mabondzo, Aloïse; Montagner, Isabella Monia; Marigo, Ilaria; González Touceda, David; Tovar Carro, Sulay A.; Diéguez González, Carlos; Santander Ortega, Manuel J.; Alonso Fernández, María José (Elsevier, 2017)
      The aim of this work was to rationally design and characterize nanocapsules (NCs) composed of an oily core and a polyarginine (PARG) shell, intended for oral peptide delivery. The cationic polyaminoacid, PARG, and the oily ...
    • Recent progress on polysaccharide-based hydrogels for controlled delivery of therapeutic biomolecules 

      Rial Hermida, María Isabel; Rey Rico, Ana; Blanco Fernández, Bárbara; Carballo Pedrares, Natalia; Byrne, Eimear M.; Mano, João (ACS Publications, 2021)
      A plethora of applications using polysaccharides have been developed in recent years due to their availability as well as their frequent nontoxicity and biodegradability. These polymers are usually obtained from renewable ...
    • Recent Research in Ocular Cystinosis: Drug Delivery Systems, Cysteamine Detection Methods and Future Perspectives 

      Castro Balado, Ana; Mondelo García, Cristina; Varela Rey, Iria; Moreda Vizcaíno, Beatriz; Sierra Sánchez, Jesús F.; Rodríguez Ares, María Teresa; Hermelo Vidal, Gonzalo; Zarra Ferro, Irene; González Barcia, Miguel; Yebra-Pimentel Vilar, Eva; Giráldez Fernández, María Jesús; Otero Espinar, Francisco Javier; Fernández Ferreiro, Anxo (MDPI, 2020)
      Cystinosis is a rare genetic disorder characterized by the accumulation of cystine crystals in different tissues and organs. Although renal damage prevails during initial stages, the deposition of cystine crystals in the ...
    • Redefining dilute and shoot: The evolution of the technique and its application in the analysis of foods and biological matrices by liquid chromatography mass spectrometry 

      Greer, Brett; Chevallier, Olivier P.; Quinn, Brian; Botana López, Luis Miguel; Elliot, Christopher T. (Elsevier, 2021)
      With laboratories seeking to expand analytical capabilities and create multi-class, multi-analyte methods, there has been a shift toward generic sample clean-up techniques such as “dilute-and-shoot”. Advantages of this ...
    • Resveratrol-Loaded Hydrogel Contact Lenses with Antioxidant and Antibiofilm Performance 

      Vivero López, María; Muras Mora, Andrea; Silva, Diana; Serro, Ana Paula; Otero Casal, Ana María; Concheiro Nine, Ángel Joaquín; Álvarez Lorenzo, Carmen Isabel (MDPI, 2021)
      Contact lenses (CLs) are prone to biofilm formation, which may cause severe ocular infections. Since the use of antibiotics is associated with resistance concerns, here, two alternative strategies were evaluated to endow ...
    • Reversing the Tumor Target: Establishment of a Tumor Trap 

      Najberg, Mathie; Haji Mansor, Muhammad; Boury, Frank; Álvarez Lorenzo, Carmen Isabel; Garcion, Emmanuel (Frontiers Media, 2019)
      Despite the tremendous progress made in the field of cancer therapy in recent years, certain solid tumors still cannot be successfully treated. Alongside classical treatments in the form of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, ...
    • Rifabutin-Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers as a Tool in Oral Anti-Mycobacterial Treatment of Crohn’s Disease 

      Rouco Taboada, Helena; Díaz Rodríguez, Patricia; Gaspar, Diana P.; Gonçalves, Lídia; Cuerva Vidales, Miguel; Remuñán López, María del Carmen; Almeida, António J.; Landín Pérez, Mariana (MDPI, 2020)
      Oral anti-mycobacterial treatment of Crohn’s disease (CD) is limited by the low aqueous solubility of drugs, along with the altered gut conditions of patients, making uncommon their clinical use. Hence, the aim of the ...
    • Screening of Bacterial Quorum Sensing Inhibitors in a Vibrio fischeri LuxR-Based Synthetic Fluorescent E. coli Biosensor 

      Qin, Xiaofei; Vila Sanjurjo, Celina; Singh, Ratna; Philipp, Bodo; Goycoolea, Francisco M. (MDPI, 2020)
      A library of 23 pure compounds of varying structural and chemical characteristics was screened for their quorum sensing (QS) inhibition activity using a synthetic fluorescent Escherichia coli biosensor that incorporates a ...
    • Screening strategies for surface modification of lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles 

      Rouco Taboada, Helena; García García, Patricia; Évora García, Carmen María; Díaz Rodríguez, Patricia; Delgado, Araceli (Elsevier, 2022)
    • Selective Laser Sintering 3D Printing of Orally Disintegrating Printlets Containing Ondansetron 

      Allahham, Nour; Fina, Fabrizio; Marcuta, Carmen; Kraschew, Lilia; Mohr, Wolfgang; Gaisford, Simon; Basit, Abdul W.; Goyanes Goyanes, Álvaro (MDPI, 2020)
      The aim of this work was to explore the feasibility of using selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing (3DP) to fabricate orodispersable printlets (ODPs) containing ondansetron. Ondansetron was first incorporated into ...
    • Self-assembled hyaluronan nanocapsules for the intracellular delivery of anticancer drugs 

      Cadete, Ana; Olivera, Ana; Besev, Magnus; Dhal, Pradeep; Gonçalves, Lídia; Almeida, António J.; Bastiat, Guillaume; Benoit, Jean-Pierre; Fuente, María de la; García Fuentes, Marcos; Alonso Fernández, María José; Torres López, María Dolores Ramona (Nature Publishing Group, 2019)
      Preparation of sophisticated delivery systems for nanomedicine applications generally involve multi-step procedures using organic solvents. In this study, we have developed a simple self-assembling process to prepare ...
    • Serotonin involvement in okadaic acid-induced diarrhoea in vivo 

      Louzao Ojeda, María Carmen; Costas Sánchez, Celia; Abal Camaño, Paula; Suzuki, Toshiyuki; Watanabe, Ryuichi; Vilariño del Río, Natalia; Carrera González, María Cristina; Boente Juncal, Andrea; Vale González, María del Carmen; Rodríguez Vieytes, María Mercedes; Botana López, Luis Miguel (Springer, 2021)
      The consumption of contaminated shellfish with okadaic acid (OA) group of toxins leads to diarrhoeic shellfish poisoning (DSP) characterized by a set of symptoms including nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. These phycotoxins ...
    • Shoot tip necrosis of in vitro plant cultures: a reappraisal of possible causes and solutions 

      Teixeira da Silva, Jaime A.; Nezami Alanagh, Esmaeil; Barreal, M. Esther; Kher, Mafatlal M.; Wicaksono, Adhityo; Gulyás, Andrea; Hidvégi, Norbert; Magyar Tábori, Katalin; Mendler Drienyovszki, Nóra; Márton, László; Landín Pérez, Mariana; Gallego, Pedro Pablo; Driver, John A.; Dobránszki, Judit (Springer, 2020)
      Shoot tip necrosis is a physiological condition and disorder that can arise in plantlets or shoots in vitro that results in death of the shoot tip. This condition, which can spread basipetally and affect the emergence of ...
    • Single and combined effects of regulated and emerging mycotoxins on viability and mitochondrial function of SH-SY5Y cells 

      Pérez Fuentes, Nadia; Alvariño Romero, Rebeca; Alfonso Rancaño, María Amparo; González Jartín, Jesús María; Gegunde Mosquera, Sandra; Rodríguez Vieytes, María Mercedes; Botana López, Luis Miguel (Elsevier, 2021)
      Co-occurrence of emerging and regulated mycotoxins in contaminated samples has been widely documented, but studies about their combined toxicity are scarce. In this report, the regulated mycotoxins deoxynivalenol, fumonisin ...
    • Site-specific conjugation for fully controlled glycoconjugate vaccine preparation 

      Pillot, Aline; Defontaine, Alain; Fateh, Amina; Lambe, Annie; Prasanna, Maruthi; Fanuel, Mathieu; Pipelie, Muriel; Csaba, Noemi Stefania; Violo, Typhaine; Camberlein, Emilie; Grandjean, Cyrille (Frontiers Media, 2019)
      Glycoconjugate vaccines are formed by covalently link a carbohydrate antigen to a carrier protein whose role is to achieve a long lasting immune response directed against the carbohydrate antigen. The nature of the sugar ...
    • Solvent-Free Processing of Drug-Loaded Poly(ε-Caprolactone) Scaffolds with Tunable Macroporosity by Combination of Supercritical Foaming and Thermal Porogen Leaching 

      Santos Rosales, Víctor; Ardao Palacios, Inés; Goimil García, Leticia; Gómez Amoza, José Luis; García González, Carlos Alberto (MDPI, 2021)
      Demand of scaffolds for hard tissue repair increases due to a higher incidence of fractures related to accidents and bone-diseases that are linked to the ageing of the population. Namely, scaffolds loaded with bioactive ...
    • Special Issue: Biopolymers in Drug Delivery and Regenerative Medicine 

      Starbid Pérez, Ricardo; Gaudio, Pasquale del; García González, Carlos Alberto (MDPI, 2021)
    • Spongionella Secondary Metabolites Protect Mitochondrial Function in Cortical Neurons against Oxidative Stress 

      Leirós Villalba, Marta; Sánchez Salguero, Jon Andoni; Alonso López, Eva; Rateb, Mostafa E.; Houssen, Wael E.; Ebel, Rainer; Jaspars, Marcel; Alfonso Rancaño, María Amparo; Botana López, Luis Miguel (MDPI, 2014)
      The marine habitat provides a large number of structurally-diverse bioactive compounds for drug development. Marine sponges have been studied over many years and are found to be a rich source of these bioactive chemicals. ...
    • Sterile and dual-porous aerogels scaffolds obtained through a multistep supercritical CO2-based approach 

      Santos Rosales, Víctor; Ardao Palacios, Inés; Álvarez Lorenzo, Carmen Isabel; Ribeiro, Nilza; Oliveira, Ana L.; García González, Carlos Alberto (MDPI, 2019)
      Aerogels from natural polymers are endowed with attractive textural and biological properties for biomedical applications due to their high open mesoporosity, low density, and reduced toxicity. Nevertheless, the lack of ...
    • Structural Modifications on Natural-based Products: Synthetic Strategies and Biological Applications 

      Fonseca, André; Matos, Maria João Correia Pinto Carvalho de; Vázquez Rodríguez, Saleta; Viña Castelao, María Dolores; Vilar Varela, Santiago; Borges, Fernanda; Santana Penín, María Lourdes; Uriarte Villares, Eugenio (MDPI, 2015)
      Coumarins are a class of heterocyclic compounds present in a significant quantity in several plants. The simplest coumarin, a benzene ring fused with a pyran-2-one heterocycle, was first discovered in the 19th century and ...

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