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  • Sea-level change and human occupation over 6000 years on Areoso Island (Ría de Arousa, NW Iberian Peninsula) 

    Cajade Pascual, Daniel; Costa Casais, Manuela; Blanco Chao, Ramón; Taboada Rodríguez, Teresa María (Springer, 2023)
    Coastal areas are extremely sensitive to variations in environmental conditions. The interaction of marine and continental processes causes a high degree of dynamism, generating depositional formations of great value for ...
  • A predictive model for Palaeolithic sites: a case study of Monforte de Lemos basin, NW Iberian Peninsula 

    Díaz Rodríguez, Mikel; Fábregas Valcarce, Ramón; Pérez Alberti, Augusto (Elsevier, 2023)
    Although a theoretical model for the settlement patterns of Galician Palaeolithic has been proposed in the last decades, it has not been statistically tested. The present paper aims to check whether this previous theoretical ...
  • Fungal-bacterial associations in urban allotment garden soils 

    Probst, Maraike; Gómez-Brandón, Maria; Herbón Allo, Cecilia; Barral Silva, María Teresa; Paradelo Núñez, Remigio (Elsevier, 2023)
    The soil microbiome in urban agriculture has not received much attention to date despite its important role in soil functionality. In this work, we evaluated the composition and diversity of fungal and bacterial communities ...
  • Unraveling disparate roles of organisms, from plants to bacteria, and viruses on built cultural heritage 

    Sanmartín Sánchez, Patricia; Bosch-Roig, Pilar; Pangallo, Domenico; Kraková, Lucia; Serrano Pérez, Luis Miguel (Springer, 2023)
    The different organisms, ranging from plants to bacteria, and viruses that dwell on built cultural heritage can be passive or active participants in conservation processes. For the active participants, particular attention ...
  • Low-cost materials to face soil and water pollution 

    Núñez Delgado, Avelino; Álvarez Rodríguez, Esperanza; Fernández Sanjurjo, María José; Arias Estévez, Manuel; Fernández Calviño, David; López Ramón, María Victoria; Sánchez Polo, Manuel (Elsevier, 2023)
    In this mini-review, the authors comment on selected papers focused on the use of low-cost materials to prevent/remediate environmental pollution (specifically, soil and water pollution). The authors have selected publications ...

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