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  • A QIM-based evaluation of sensory quality of frozen–thawed roundnose grenadier (Coryphaenoides rupestris) and its applications 

    López García, María del Mar; Ramil Novo, Luis Alberto; Vázquez Odériz, María Lourdes; Romero Rodríguez, María Ángeles (ACS Publications, 2021)
    The quality index method (QIM) is widely used for fish sensory assessment, but there are hardly any studies on quality changes in fish that have been previously frozen. A QIM scheme was developed for frozen Roundnose ...
  • Asymptotic properties of PDEs in compact spaces 

    López Somoza, Lucía; Fernández Tojo, Fernando Adrián (Springer, 2021)
    In this article we combine the study of solutions of PDEs with the study of asymptotic properties of the solutions via compactification of the domain. We define new spaces of functions on which study the equations, prove ...
  • Fixed point theorems via Generalized WF-Contractions with applications 

    Rodríguez López, Rosana; Tiwari , Rakesh (Springer, 2021)
    The aim of this paper is to introduce a new class of mixed contractions which allow to revise and generalize some results obtained in [6] by R. Gubran, W. M. Alfaqih and M. Imdad. We also provide an example corresponding ...
  • Marginality and convexity in partition function form games 

    Alonso Meijide, José María; Álvarez Mozos, Mikel; FIESTRAS-JANEIRO, MARIA GLORIA; Jiménez Losada, Andrés (Springer, 2021)
    In this paper an order on the set of embedded coalitions is studied in detail. This allows us to define new notions of superaddivity and convexity of games in partition function form which are compared to other proposals ...
  • Spatial distribution of invasive species: an extent of occurrence approach 

    Rodríguez Casal, Alberto; Saavedra Nieves, Paula (Springer, 2021)
    Ecological Risk Assessment faces the challenge of determining the impact of invasive species on biodiversity conservation. Although many statistical methods have emerged in recent years in order to model the evolution of ...

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