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  • Anomalous response in the orbital magnetic susceptibility of 2d topological systems 

    Faílde Balea, Daniel; Baldomir Fernández, Daniel (Wiley, 2022)
    2D compounds with nonzero Berry curvature are ideal systems to study exotic and technologically favorable thermoelectric and magnetoelectric properties. Within this class of materials, the topological trivial and nontrivial ...
  • Are Dutch and French languages miscible? 

    Seoane Iglesias, Luís F.; Mira Pérez, Jorge (Springer, 2022)
    French and Dutch are two languages of different origins (Germanic vs. Romance) that coexist within the nation-state of Belgium. While they are mostly segregated throughout the Belgian territory, in Brussels they reach an ...
  • Thermodynamic properties of sodium deoxycholate at the gel-sol transition 

    Jover Ramos, Aida; Troncoso, Jacobo; di Gregorio, Maria Chiara; Fraga López, Francisco José (Elsevier, 2022)
    Sodium deoxycholate forms supramolecular aggregates in aqueous solution that are strongly dependent on temperature and pH. Upon fine tuning of these physicochemical parameters, two supramolecular aggregates can be achieved: ...
  • Evaluation of hydrogen storage ability of hydroquinone clathrates using molecular simulations 

    Méndez Morales, Trinidad; Montes Campos, Hadrián; Pérez Rodríguez, Martín; Martínez Piñeiro, Manuel (Elsevier, 2022)
    Hydroquinone clathrates have been proposed as potential gas separation and storage media. Experimental results have demonstrated enhanced preferential adsorption for certain guest molecules, and also stability over temperature ...
  • Not so rigid capsids based on cyclodextrin complexes: keys to design 

    Suárez Lestón, Fabián; Fernández Garrido, Pablo; Piñeiro Guillén, Ángel; García Fandiño, Rebeca (Elsevier, 2022)
    Membranes based on cyclodextrin complexes can be used as functional nanocarrier envelopers by chemical modifications of the cyclodextrin hydroxyl groups or by encapsulating different ligands in their cavities. Experiments: ...

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