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    • An analysis of the impact of LHC Run I proton–lead data on nuclear parton densities 

      Armesto Pérez, Néstor; Paukkunen, Hannu; Penín Ascariz, José Manuel; Salgado López, Carlos Alberto; Zurita, María Pía (Springer, 2016-04-21)
      We report on an analysis of the impact of available experimental data on hard processes in proton–lead collisions during Run I at the large hadron collider on nuclear modifications of parton distribution functions. Our ...
    • Energy versus centrality dependence of the jet quenching parameter q̂ at RHIC and LHC: a new puzzle? 

      Andrés Casas, Carlota; Armesto Pérez, Néstor; Luzum, Matthew; Salgado López, Carlos Alberto; Zurita, María Pía (Springer, 2016-08-26)
      The central goal of jet quenching studies in high-energy nuclear collisions is the characterization of those QCD medium properties that are accessible by these probes. Most of the discussion in the last years has been ...
    • PDF reweighting in the Hessian matrix approach 

      Paukkunen, Hannu; Zurita, María Pía (Springer, 2014)
      We introduce the Hessian reweighting of parton distribution functions (PDFs). Similarly to the better-known Bayesian methods, its purpose is to address the compatibil- ity of new data and the quantitative modifications ...
    • Unveiling saturation effects from nuclear structure function measurements at the EIC 

      Marquet, C.; Moldes, Manoel R.; Zurita, María Pía (Elsevier, 2017)
      We analyze the possibility of extracting a clear signal of non-linear parton saturation effects from future measurements of nuclear structure functions at the Electron–Ion Collider (EIC), in the small-x region. Our approach ...

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