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    • Gapless and gapped holographic phonons 

      Amoretti, Andrea; Areán Fraga, Daniel; Goutéraux, Blaise; Musso, Daniele (Springer, 2020)
      We study a holographic model where translations are both spontaneously and explicitly broken, leading to the presence of (pseudo)-phonons in the spectrum. The weak explicit breaking is due to two independent mechanisms: ...
    • Roper resonances and quasi-normal modes of Skyrmions 

      Adam, Christoph; Haberichter, M.; Romanczukiewicz, T.; Wereszczynski, Andrzej (Springer, 2018)
      Radial vibrations of charge one hedgehog Skyrmions in the full Skyrme model are analysed. We investigate how the properties of the lowest resonance modes (quasi normal modes) — their frequencies and widths — depend on the ...

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