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  • H-Bonds, π-Stacking and (Water)O-H/π Interactions in (µ4-EDTA)Bis(Imidazole) Dicopper(II) Dihydrate 

    Belmont Sánchez, Jeannette Carolina; García Rubiño, María Eugenia; Frontera, Antonio; González Pérez, Josefa María; Castiñeiras Campos, Alfonso; Niclós Gutiérrez, Juan (MDPI, 2021)
    We synthesized and studied the polymeric compound {[Cu2(µ4-EDTA)(Him)2] 2H2O}n (1). The single-crystal structure is reported along with an in depth characterization of its thermal stability (TGA), spectral properties (FT-IR, ...
  • Synthesis and X-ray Diffraction Study of thiosemicarbazone Palladacycles with dppm 

    Rúa Sueiro, Marcos; Munín Cruz, Paula; Reigosa Chamorro, Francisco; Vila Abad, José Manuel; Ortigueira Amor, Juan Manuel (MDPI, 2021)
    Cyclometallated compounds have been extensively studied, in particular those with palladium and platinum. This is because of their possible applications in medicinal chemistry, as anticancer or antimicrobial agents; in ...
  • Synthesis and antimicrobial activities of gold(I) sulfanylcarboxylates 

    Barreiro Magdaleno, Elena; Casas Fernández, José Sergio; Couce, María D.; Sánchez Díaz, Agustín; Seoane Prado, Rafael; Pérez Estévez, Antonio; Sordo Rodríguez, José (Springer, 2012)
    Reaction of NaAuCl4·H2O and thiodiglycol (1:3 molar ratio) with 3-(aryl)-2-sulfanylpropenoic acids, H2 xspa = [x:p = 3-phenyl-, f = 3-(2-furyl)-, t = 3-(2-thienyl)-, o-py = 3-(2-pyridyl)-, Clp = 3-(2-chlorophenyl)-, ...
  • Analytical strategies based on quantum dots for heavy metal ions detection 

    Vázquez González, Margarita; Carrillo Carrión, Carolina (SPIE Digital Library, 2014)
    Heavy metal contamination is one of the major concerns to human health because these substances are toxic and retained by the ecological system. Therefore, in recent years, there has been a pressing need for fast and ...
  • Combined Effect of Caspase-Dependent and Caspase-Independent Apoptosis in the Anticancer Activity of Gold Complexes with Phosphine and Benzimidazole Derivatives 

    Rouco Méndez, Lara; Sánchez González, María Ángeles; Alvariño Romero, Rebeca; Alfonso Rancaño, María Amparo; Vázquez López, Ezequiel M.; García Martínez, Emilia; Maneiro Maneiro, Marcelino (MDPI, 2021)
    Since the potential anticancer activity of auranofin was discovered, gold compounds have attracted interest with a view to developing anticancer agents that follow cytotoxic mechanisms other than cisplatin. Two benzimidazole ...

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