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    • H-Bonds, π-Stacking and (Water)O-H/π Interactions in (µ4-EDTA)Bis(Imidazole) Dicopper(II) Dihydrate 

      Belmont Sánchez, Jeannette Carolina; García Rubiño, María Eugenia; Frontera, Antonio; González Pérez, Josefa María; Castiñeiras Campos, Alfonso; Niclós Gutiérrez, Juan (MDPI, 2021)
      We synthesized and studied the polymeric compound {[Cu2(µ4-EDTA)(Him)2] 2H2O}n (1). The single-crystal structure is reported along with an in depth characterization of its thermal stability (TGA), spectral properties (FT-IR, ...

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