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  • Parallel approach of Schrödinger-based quantum corrections for ultrascaled semiconductor devices 

    Espiñeira Deus, Gabriel; García Loureiro, Antonio Jesús; Seoane Iglesias, Natalia (Springer, 2022)
    In the current technology node, purely classical numerical simulators lack the precision needed to obtain valid results. At the same time, the simulation of fully quantum models can be a cumbersome task in certain studies ...
  • Automated description of the mandible shape by deep learning 

    Vila Blanco, Nicolás; Varas Quintana, Paulina; Aneiros Ardao, Ángela; Tomás Carmona, Inmaculada; Carreira Nouche, María José (Springer, 2021)
    Purpose: The shape of the mandible has been analyzed in a variety of fields, whether to diagnose conditions like osteoporosis or osteomyelitis, in forensics, to estimate biological information such as age, gender, and race ...
  • A day at the races. Using best arm identification algorithms to reduce the cost of information retrieval user studies 

    Losada Carril, David Enrique; Elsweiler, David; Harvey, Morgan; Trattner, Christoph (Springer, 2022)
    Two major barriers to conducting user studies are the costs involved in recruiting participants and researcher time in performing studies. Typical solutions are to study convenience samples or design studies that can be ...
  • STDnet-ST: Spatio-temporal ConvNet for small object detection 

    Bosquet Mera, Brais; Mucientes Molina, Manuel; Brea Sánchez, Víctor Manuel (Elsevier, 2021)
    Object detection through convolutional neural networks is reaching unprecedented levels of precision. However, a detailed analysis of the results shows that the accuracy in the detection of small objects is still far from ...
  • A fast and optimal pathfinder using airborne LiDAR data 

    Yermo García, Miguel; Fernández Rivera, Francisco; Cabaleiro Domínguez, José Carlos; López Vilariño, David; Fernández Pena, Anselmo Tomás (Elsevier, 2022)
    Determining the optimal path between two points in a 3D point cloud is a problem that have been addressed in many different situations: from road planning and escape routes determination, to network routing and facility ...

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