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  • Dataset bias exposed in face verification 

    López López, Eric; Pardo López, Xosé Manuel; Vázquez Regueiro, Carlos; Iglesias Rodríguez, Roberto; Estévez Casado, Fernando (Wiley, 2019)
    Most facial verification methods assume that training and testing sets contain independent and identically distributed samples, although, in many real applications, this assumption does not hold. Whenever gathering a ...
  • Autonomous navigation for UAVs managing motion and sensing uncertainty 

    González Sieira, Adrián; Cores Costa, Daniel; Mucientes Molina, Manuel; Bugarín Diz, Alberto José (Elsevier, 2020)
    We present a motion planner for the autonomous navigation of UAVs that manages motion and sensing uncertainty at planning time. By doing so, optimal paths in terms of probability of collision, traversal time and uncertainty ...
  • Artificial intelligence within the interplay between natural and artificial computation: Advances in data science, trends and applications 

    Górriz, Juan M.; Ramírez, Javier; Ortíz, Andrés; Martínez Murcia, Francisco J.; Segovia, Fermin; Suckling, John; Leming, Matthew; Zhang, Yu-Dong; Álvarez Sánchez, Ramón; Bologna, Guido; Bonomini, Paula; Estévez Casado, Fernando; Charte, David; Charte, Francisco; Contreras, Ricardo; Cuesta Infante, Alfredo; Duro, Richard J.; Fernández Caballero, Antonio; Fernández Jover, Eduardo; Gómez Vilda, Pedro; Graña, Manuel; Herrera, Francisco; Iglesias Rodríguez, Roberto; Lekova, Anna; Lope, Javier de; López Rubio, Ezequiel; Martínez Tomás, Rafael; Molina Cabello, Miguel A.; Montemayor, Antonio S.; Novais, Paulo; Palacios Alonso, Daniel; Pantrigo, Juan J.; Payne, Bryson R.; Paz López, Félix de la; Pinninghoff, María Angélica; Rincón, Mariano; Santos, José; Thurnhofer Hemsi, Karl; Tsanas, Athanasios; Varela, Ramiro; Ferrández, Jose M. (Elsevier, 2020)
    Artificial intelligence and all its supporting tools, e.g. machine and deep learning in computational intelligence-based systems, are rebuilding our society (economy, education, life-style, etc.) and promising a new era ...
  • Understanding complex process models by abstracting infrequent behavior 

    Chapela de la Campa, David; Mucientes Molina, Manuel; Lama Penín, Manuel (Elsevier, 2020)
    Process mining has become very popular in the last years as a way to analyze the behavior of an organization by offering techniques to discover, monitor and enhance real processes. A key point in process mining is to ...
  • STDnet: Exploiting high resolution feature maps for small object detection 

    Bosquet Mera, Brais; Mucientes Molina, Manuel; Brea Sánchez, Víctor Manuel (Elsevier, 2020)
    The accuracy of small object detection with convolutional neural networks (ConvNets) lags behind that of larger objects. This can be observed in popular contests like MS COCO. This is in part caused by the lack of specific ...

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