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  • Holographic entanglement entropy for perturbative higher-curvature gravities 

    Bueno, Pablo; Camps, Joan; Vilar López, Alejandro (Springer, 2021)
    The holographic entanglement entropy functional for higher-curvature gravities involves a weighted sum whose evaluation, beyond quadratic order, requires a complicated theory-dependent splitting of the Riemann tensor ...
  • The nature of X(3872) from high-multiplicity pp collisions 

    Esposito, Angelo; González Ferreiro, Elena; Pilloni, Alessandro; Polosa, Antonio Davide; Salgado López, Carlos Alberto (Springer, 2021)
    The structure of exotic resonances that do not trivially fit the usual quark model expectations has been a matter of intense scientific debate during the last two decades. A possible way of estimating the size of these ...
  • Entanglement entropy in cubic gravitational theories 

    Cáceres, Elena; Castillo Vásquez, Rodrigo; Vilar López, Alejandro (Springer, 2021)
    We derive the holographic entanglement entropy functional for a generic gravitational theory whose action contains terms up to cubic order in the Riemann tensor, and in any dimension. This is the simplest case for which ...
  • Supergravity solution-generating techniques and canonical transformations of σ-models from O(D, D) 

    Borsato, Riccardo; Driezen, Sibylle (Springer, 2021)
    Within the framework of the flux formulation of Double Field Theory (DFT) we employ a generalised Scherk-Schwarz ansatz and discuss the classification of the twists that in the presence of the strong constraint give rise ...
  • Interacting color strings as the origin of the liquid behavior of the quark-gluon plasma 

    Ramírez, Jhony; Díaz, Bogar; Pajares Vales, Carlos (APS Physics, 2021)
    We study the radial distribution function of the color sources (strings) formed in hadronic collisions and the requirements to obtain a liquid. As a repulsive interaction is needed, we incorporate a concentric core in the ...

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