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  • Pharmacological inactivation of the prion protein by targeting a folding intermediate 

    Spagnolli, Giovanni; Massignan, Tania; Astolfi, Andrea; Biggi, Silvia; Rigoli, Marta; Brunelli, Paolo; Libergoli, Michela; Ianeselli, Alan; Orioli, Simone; Boldrini, Alberto; Terruzzi, Luca; Bonaldo, Valerio; Maietta, Giulia; López Lorenzo, Nuria; Fernández Flores, Leticia Camila; Bugallo Codeseira, Yaiza; Tosatto, Laura; Linsenmeier, Luise; Vignoli, Beatrice; Petris, Gianluca; Gasparotto, Dino; Pennuto, Maria; Guella, Graziano; Canossa, Marco; Altmeppen, Hermann C.; Lolli, Graziano; Biressi, Stefano; Martín Pastor, Manuel; Rodríguez Requena, Jesús; Mancini, Ines; Barreca, Maria L.; Faccioli, Pietro; Biasini, Emiliano (Springer Nature, 2021)
    Recent computational advancements in the simulation of biochemical processes allow investigating the mechanisms involved in protein regulation with realistic physics-based models, at an atomistic level of resolution. These ...
  • Exo1 phosphorylation inhibits exonuclease activity and prevents fork collapse in rad53 mutants independently of the 14-3-3 proteins 

    Morafraile, Esther C.; Bugallo, Alberto; Carreira Rodríguez, Raquel; Fernández, María; Martín Castellanos, Cristina; González Blanco, Miguel; Segurado, Mónica (Oxford University Press, 2020)
    The S phase checkpoint is crucial to maintain genome stability under conditions that threaten DNA replication. One of its critical functions is to prevent Exo1-dependent fork degradation, and Exo1 is phosphorylated in ...
  • Pharmacological Extracts and Molecules from Virola Species: Traditional Uses, Phytochemistry, and Biological Activity 

    González Rodríguez, María; Ruiz Fernández, Clara; Vera, Francisco; Ait Eldjoudi, Djedjiga; Ramadan Farrag Abdel Hafez, Yousof; Cordero Barreal, Alfonso; Pino Mínguez, Jesús; Lago Paz, María Francisca; Campos Toimil, Manuel; Carvalho, Glaucimeire Rocha; Pereira, Thiago Melo Costa; Gualillo, Oreste (MDPI, 2021)
    Virola is the largest genus of Myristicaceae in America, comprising about 60 species of medium-sized trees geographically spread from Mexico to southern Brazil. The plant species of this genus have been widely used in folk ...
  • Development and Characterization of a Tacrolimus/Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin Eye Drop 

    García Otero, Xurxo; Díaz Tomé, Victoria; Varela Fernández, Rubén; Martín Pastor, Manuel; González Barcia, Luis Miguel; Blanco Méndez, José; Mondelo García, Cristina; Álvarez Bermúdez, María José; González García, Francisco; Aguiar Fernández, Pablo; Fernández Ferreiro, Anxo; Otero Espinar, Francisco Javier (MDPI, 2021)
    Uveitis is a vision inflammatory disorder with a high prevalence in developing countries. Currently, marketed treatments remain limited and reformulation is usually performed to obtain a tacrolimus eye drop as a therapeutic ...
  • Morphological Abnormalities and Gene Expression Changes Caused by High Incubation Temperatures in Zebrafish Xenografts with Human Cancer Cells 

    Cabezas Sainz, Pablo; Coppel, Carlos; Pensado López, Alba; Fernández García, Pedro; Muinelo Romay, Laura; López López, Rafael; Rubiolo Gaytán, Juan Andrés; Sánchez Piñón, Laura Elena (MDPI, 2021)
    Published studies show that most of the human cancer xenograft studies in zebrafish embryos have used incubation temperatures in the range of 32–34 °C for 3–6 days post-injection, trying to find a compromise temperature ...

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