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  • Analysing agreement among different evaluators in god class and feature envy detection 

    Alkharabsheh, Khalid; Alawadi, Sadi; Crespo González Carvajal, Yania; Manso-Martínez, Mª Esperanza; Taboada González, José Ángel (IEEE, 2021)
    The automatic detection of Design Smells has evolved in parallel to the evolution of automatic refactoring tools. There was a huge rise in research activity regarding Design Smell detection from 2010 to the present. However, ...
  • Short-term anchor linking and long-term self-guided attention for video object detection 

    Cores Costa, Daniel; Brea Sánchez, Víctor Manuel; Mucientes Molina, Manuel Felipe (Elsevier, 2021)
    We present a new network architecture able to take advantage of spatio-temporal information available in videos to boost object detection precision. First, box features are associated and aggregated by linking proposals ...
  • Comparing area–based and feature–based methods for co–registration of multispectral bands on GPU 

    Ordóñez Iglesias, Álvaro; Blanco Heras, Dora; Argüello Pedreira, Francisco Santiago (IEEE, 2021)
    Registration is required as a previous step for processing multispectral images. The different bands captured by each sensor for each image, as well as the different images corresponding to the same area, need to be aligned. ...
  • Texture-based analysis of hydrographical basins with multispectral imagery 

    González Bascoy, Pedro; Suárez Garea, Jorge Alberto; Blanco Heras, Dora; Argüello Pedreira, Francisco Santiago; Ordóñez Iglesias, Álvaro (SPIE, 2019)
    In this paper the problem of studying the presence of different vegetation species and artificial structures in the riversides by using multispectral remote sensing information is studied. The information provided contributes ...
  • Exploring the Registration of Remote Sensing Images using HSI-KAZE in Graphical Units 

    Ordóñez Iglesias, Álvaro; Blanco Heras, Dora; Argüello Pedreira, Francisco Santiago (2019)
    Registration of hyperspectral remote sensing images is a common task in many image processing applications such as land use classification, environmental monitoring and change detection. The images to be registered present ...

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