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  • Surname regions and dialectal variation in the Asturian linguistic space 

    Sousa Fernández, Xulio; Ginzo Villamayor, María José (Cambridge University Press, 2020)
    Studies on the correlations between spatial distribution of linguistic varieties and genetic structure of populations began by dealing with geographic spaces and extensive linguistic families. In the last two decades, ...
  • From Regional Dialects to the Standard: Measuring Linguistic Distance in Galician Varieties 

    Sousa Fernández, Xulio (MDPI, 2020)
    The analysis of the linguistic distance between dialect varieties and the standard variety typically focuses on establishing the influence exerted by the standard norm on the dialects. In languages whose standard form was ...
  • Dialectal, historical and sociolinguistic aspects of Galician intonation 

    Fernández Rei, Elisa (Universitat de Barcelona, 2016)
    Geoprosodic data are useful for studying language change and developing hypotheses about the diachrony of intonation. In the case of Galician, it is particularly interesting to study varieties of Galician and Portuguese ...
  • On quantitative geolinguistics: an illustration from Galician dialectology 

    Dubert García, Francisco; Sousa Fernández, Xulio (Universitat de Barcelona, 2016)
    The essential objective of dialectology, and especially geolinguistics, is the study of spatial linguistic variation, special relevance being given to the presentation of results through cartographic representations. The ...
  • SEA_AP: a segmentation and labelling tool for prosodic analysis 

    López Otero, Paula; Docío Fernández, Laura; García-Mateo, Carmen; Martínez Maquieira, Marta; Varela Fernández, Rocío; Fernández Rei, Elisa (Universitat de Barcelona, 2016)
    This paper introduces a tool that performs segmentation and labelling of sound chains in phono units, syllables and/or words departing from a sound signal and its corresponding orthographic transcription. In addition, it ...

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