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  • The Walking Dead as a transmedia phenomenon 

    Vázquez Nóvoa, Christian (2016)
    The attempt to continue a zombie story beyond the known limits in its genre is unique. The outcome has been successfuly exploring themes that anyone can identify with: failure, loss and then overcoming while we try to ...
  • Bernhard : A Jew-ish "Asian" in the Weimar Republic 

    Saavedra Fernández, Emma (2016)
    This dissertation focuses on the representation of Bernhard in Christopher Isherwood‘s landmark novel Goodbye to Berlin (1939) by analysing both how he sees himself and how he is seen in the eyes of others, particularly ...
  • The role of learning styles in SLA 

    Rivera Lorenzo, Alexandre (2016)
    In the present study, I will offer a review of the main theoretical aspects of learning styles and a description of the preferred learning styles by a sample of Spanish learners. The first section – the review of literature ...
  • The ghost of Tom Joad : the development of the character’s mythical aura through literature, cinema and music 

    Gómez Garrido, Sandra (2016)
    In the research area of literature and other artistic expressions, I have not found many instances of analysis of the exchange between literature and music. Being aware of the relevance of this connection in contemporary ...
  • First language acquisition corpora in English and their influence on other languages 

    Figueiredo Palacios, Pablo (2016)
    This Traballo de Fin de Grao was initially conceived as an exploration on how corpora of language acquisition in English influenced (or not) corpora in other languages, namely in Spanish. The paper can be seen as having ...

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