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  • Is adenosine deaminase (ADA) activity in saliva and serum a more accurate disease detection tool than traditional redox balance parameters in early-lactating dairy cows? 

    Castillo Rodríguez, Cristina; Sotillo Mesanza, Juan; Muiño Otero, Rodrigo; Benedito Castellote, José Luis; Gutiérrez Montes, Ana María; Arana Sánchez, Rafael; Matas Quintanilla, Marta; Gutiérrez Panizo, Cándido; Gutiérrez Montes, Ana María (Springer, 2023)
    Enzyme adenosine deaminase (ADA) is a marker of inflammation in domestic animals, but it is unclear whether it is a reliable marker of oxidative stress, especially in the transition period in dairy cows. This study aims ...
  • Insects in ruminant nutrition as an urgent measure in the light of the scarcity of raw feedstock 

    Castillo Rodríguez, Cristina; Hernández Bermúdez, Joaquín (Elsevier, 2023)
    Global population growth will lead to an increase in demand for animal-based foods, such as meat and milk from ruminants, which will require restructuring some of the components of the ration (Castillo et al., 2017; Van ...
  • Measuring haemolysis in cattle serum by direct UV–VIS and RGB digital image-based methods 

    Larrán Franco, Belén; López Alonso, María Marta; Miranda Castañón, Marta Inés; Pereira Lestayo, Víctor; Rigueira Rey, Lucas; Suárez Rey, María Luisa; Herrero Latorre, Carlos (Springer Nature, 2022)
    A simple, rapid procedure is required for the routine detection and quantification of haemolysis, one of the main sources of unreliable results in serum analysis. In this study, we compared two different approaches for the ...
  • A case report of fatal feline babesiosis caused by Babesia canis in north western Spain 

    Remesar Alonso, Susana; Arnal Bernal, José Luis; Gómez Rodriguez, Andrea; Prieto Lago, Alberto; García Dios, David; Benito Zúñiga, Alfredo Ángel; Panadero Fontán, Rosario; Morrondo Pelayo, María Patrocinio; Díez Baños, Pablo (Springer Nature, 2022)
    In Europe, Babesia infections in cats are sporadic and only partial knowledge is currently available since the number of described cases including both the clinical presentation and the molecular identification of the ...
  • Patologias do sistema nervoso estudadas no cavalo Lusitano 

    Abreu Ramos, Inés Isabel; Castillo Rodríguez, Cristina (2023)
    A raça equina Puro Sangue Lusitano (PSL) é uma raça autóctone portuguesa com mais de 200 anos de história. Estes cavalos foram seleccionados genéticamente até criar um animal elástico, com uma excelente qualidade de ...

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