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    • The role of scenario, deontic conditionals and problem content in Wason´s selection task 

      Martín Rajo, Montserrat; Valiña García, María Dolores; Evans, Jonathan St. B. T. (2014-11-03)
      This experiment explores the influence of thematic content, the presence or absence of a scenario and the use of deontic or indicative framing of conditional rules on performance on Wason’s selection task. Logical ...
    • The Wason Selection Task: Reasoning, Decision Making or Both? 

      Valiña García, María Dolores; Martín Rajo, Montserrat (2017-09)
      The aim of this study is to present some of the more recent lines of experimental research into Wason's selection task (Wason, 1966, 1968) and the main debates which have arisen from this. The paper concerns an experimental ...
    • Thinking about Wason´s THOG problem 

      Martín Rajo, Montserrat; Valiña García, María Dolores (2019-09)
      Being able to create new information from already existing information is the essence of human reasoning. Modern Psychology of Reasoning is driven to know what kinds of strategies subjects use to make inferences and the ...
    • Tres décadas de investigación en una tarea de razonamiento hipotético-deductivo 

      Valiña García, María Dolores; Seoane Pesqueira, María Gloria; Martín Rajo, Montserrat; Leirós Lobeiras, Luz Isabel (2014-06-06)
      [ENG]The publication of The Psychology of Deductive Reasoning and Mental Models, in the early eighties, represent two historical events in the Psychology of Reasoning. The first book was published in 1982 by Jonathan St.B.T. ...
    • Wason´s selection task: Content effect, instruction effect or both? 

      Valiña García, María Dolores; Seoane Pesqueira, María Gloria; Ferraces Otero, María José; Martín Rajo, Montserrat (2014-10-28)
      This experiment explores the effect of the scenario’s availability, instruction (true/false vs. violation) and presentation order on performance in different versions of Wason’s selection task. Each subject was given ...

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