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  • From Oligo(Phenyleneethynylene) Monomers to Supramolecular Helices: The Role of Intermolecular Interactions in Aggregation 

    Fernández Rodríguez, Berta; Fernández Villar, Zulema; Quiñoá Cabana, Emilio; Freire Iribarne, Félix Manuel (MDPI, 2021)
    Supramolecular helices that arise from the self-assembly of small organic molecules via non-covalent interactions play an important role in the structure and properties of the corresponding materials. Here we study the ...
  • Highly Hydrophilic and Lipophilic Derivatives of Bile Salts 

    Vázquez Tato, María del Pilar; Seijas Vázquez, Julio Antonio; Meijide del Río, Francisco Ángel; Fraga López, Francisco José; Frutos del Río, Santiago de; Miragaya Otero, Javier; Trillo Novo, Juan Ventura; Jover Ramos, Aida; Soto Tellini, Victor Hugo; Vázquez Tato, José (MDPI, 2021)
    Lipophilicity of 15 derivatives of sodium cholate, defined by the octan-1-ol/water partition coefficient (log P), has been theoretically determined by the Virtual log P method. These derivatives bear highly hydrophobic or ...
  • Observation of nuclear-spin Seebeck effect 

    Kikkawa, Takashi; Reitz, Derek; Ito, H.; Makiuchi, Takahiko; Sugimoto, T.; Tsunekawa, K.; Daimon, Shunsuke; Oyanagi, Koichi; Ramos Amigo, Rafael Enrique; Takahashi, Satoshi; Shiomi, Yuki; Tserkovnyak, Yaroslav; Saitoh, Eiji (Nature Publishing Group, 2021)
    Thermoelectric effects have been applied to power generators and temperature sensors that convert waste heat into electricity. The effects, however, have been limited to electrons to occur, and inevitably disappear at low ...
  • Insight into the surface composition of bimetallic nanocatalysts obtained from microemulsions 

    Tojo, Concha; Buceta Fernández, David; López Quintela, Manuel Arturo (Elsevier, 2021)
    The enhancement of catalysts efficiency of bimetallic nanoparticles depends on the ability to exert control over surface composition. However, results relating surface composition and feeding solution of bimetallic ...
  • Biocompatible Solvents and Ionic Liquid-Based Surfactants as Sustainable Components to Formulate Environmentally Friendly Organized Systems 

    Dib, Nahir; Lépori, Cristian M.O.; Correa, N. Mariano; Silber, Juana; Falcone, R. Dario; García Río, Luis (MDPI, 2021)
    In this review, we deal with the formation and application of biocompatible water-in-oil microemulsions commonly known as reverse micelles (RMs). These RMs are extremely important to facilitate the dissolution of hydrophilic ...

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